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Campus Council

NOVA's Campus Council is part of the College Forum. The Forum, according to its Constitution and Bylaws, is "representative of teaching faculty, administrative faculty and students and classified staff and shall be composed of a College Senate, a Campus Council on each campus and the standing committees of the College Forum."

Campus Council


Campus Council serves the college community by performing the following functions:

  • Expressing the viewpoints of administrators, faculty, classified staff and students on issues that are relevant to a particular campus.
  • Advising and seeking advice from the Provost on campus issues.
  • Making specific recommendations to or communicating with campus committees, college committees and the College Senate.
  • Submitting, through the Provost, advice and recommendations to the College President.
  • Receiving recommendations from the Instructional and Student Services and Personnel Services College committees for deliberation and action.
  • Assisting in the selection of members for the College Senate. Enhancing the learning environment on campus.
  • Establishing committees, as needed, to fulfill the Campus Council’s responsibilities to the college community.


As stated in the College Forum Constitution: "Voting membership of each Campus Council shall be based upon a ratio of two students to one classified staff to one administrative staff to one administrative faculty to three teaching faculty."

Campus Council representatives are either elected according to the group that they represent (administrative faculty, teaching faculty or classified staff) in the late spring semester of the academic year prior to their service or are appointed (students, by the Dean of Students and other vacancies, by the Provost) in the year of their service.

Current Members:

Jill Caporale Chair
Paul Fitzgerald Vice-Chair
Marjorie W. Parker  


Duncan Tebow Dean of Liberal Arts
Abe Eftekhari

Dean of Maths, Sciences and Engineering

Andrew Goldstein Evening Administrator and Coordinator
Charlotte Calobrisi Dean of Languages and Literature
Geraldine Clemons Administrative Assistant - MSE
Marc Robinson Enrollment Services Specialist
Felicia Blakeney Career Services Specialist
Robin Pachtman Library Media Specialist
Nan Peck Communications Studies
Cheri Bridgeforth English as a Second Language
Elizabeth Dellavedova Library
Charlie Dy Counselor
Stewart Edwards Assistant Dean - Business
Memuna Sillah L & L English
Vicky White Counselor
Jennifer Rainey Communications
Adjunct Faculty
Shirley Nuhn
Christin Kunkel
Cherise Britt SGA President 2012-2013

Past Members:


The Annandale Campus Council meets the first Thursday of the month during the nine-month academic calendar. There is often no meeting in January due to the holiday break. The meetings convene at 2:00 p.m. usually in the Provost’s Conference Room in the Godwin Building.

Visitors are welcome to the Campus Council meetings. As noted in the College Forum Constitution: "Any member of the faculty, staff or student body shall have the right to attend meetings of the Campus Council but shall not be entitled to have the floor unless he or she is reporting at the request of the Council, or his or her petition has been granted prior approval by the chair of the Campus Council."