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Campus Council Members: 2012-2013

Jill Caporale Chair
Paul Fitzgerald Vice-Chair
Marc Robinson


Duncan Tebow Dean of Liberal Arts
Abe Eftekhari Dean of Maths, Sciences and Engineering
Andrew Goldstein Evening Administrator and Coordinator
Charlotte Calobrisi Dean of Languages and Literature
Geraldine Clemons Administrative Assistant - MSE
Marc Robinson Enrollment Services Specialist
Felicia Blakeney Career Services Specialist
Robin Pachtman Library Media Specialist
Nan Peck Communications Studies
Cheri Bridgeforth English as a Second Language
Elizabeth Dellavedova Library
Charlie Dy Counselor
Stewart Edwards Assistant Dean - Business
Memuna Sillah L & L English
Vicky White Counselor
Jennifer Rainey Communications
Adjunct Faculty
Shirley Nuhn
Christin Kunkel
Cherise Britt SGA President 2012-2013

** Campus representatives to Senate
* Senate alternates

If you have comments, concerns or items you would like to see placed on the agenda, please contact your area Campus Council representative.