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Campus Council Members: 2008-2009

Mary Zimmerman President
Nancy Chamberlain Vice President
Judy Benavides Secretary
William Mallon Parliamentarian
Teaching and Professional Faculty
Martin Bredeck Math, Science and Engineering
Cheri Bridgeforth Languages and Literature
Jill Caporale * Math, Science and Engineering
Nancy Chamberlain * Liberal Arts
Charlie Dy ** Co-Curr Programs & Services
Charbel T. Fahed * Math, Science and Engineering
Judith Grant Business and Public Services
Rima Gulshan Languages and Literature
Elizabeth Lieberman ** Math, Science and Engineering
Karen Van Horn Languages and Literature
Darlene Branges Continuing Education
Mary Zimmerman ** Liberal Arts
Administrative Faculty
Joyce Bryant Counseling
Abe Eftekhari Math, Science and Engineering
Christine Holt Dean of Operations 
Ellen Wertman Learning Resource Services
Classified Staff
Judy Benavides Languages and Literature
Renée Kesner Learning Resource Services
William Mallon Jr. ** Student Services
Howard Treichler Learning Resource Services

** Campus representatives to Senate
* Senate alternates

If you have comments, concerns or items you would like to see placed on the agenda, please contact your area Campus Council representative.