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Campus Council Members: 2005-2006

Stephen Bennett Chair
Alicia Falzon Vice Chair
Carol Sweetser Secretary
Duncan Tebow Parliamentarian
Teaching and Professional Faculty
Joyce Brotton Languages & Literature
Bobbie Corbett * Business & Public Services
Marian Delmore * Learning Resources Services - Library
Charlie Dy * Co-Curr Programs & Services
Alicia Falzon ** Languages & Literature
Talula Guntner ** Business & Public Services
Theresa Knight McFadden  Math, Science & Engineering
Charlie Scarborough Languages & Literature
Carol Sweetser Student Development
Ducan Tebow ** Liberal Arts
Carole Thurston Languages & Literature
Karen Van Horn ESL
Administrative Faculty
Gerald Boyd Languages & Literature
Andy Goldstein Evening Administration
Carol Sinwell * Learning Resource Services
Robert Vaughn ** Continuing Education
Classified Staff
Avril Amato Counseling
Stephen Bennett International Services
Jane Mirko Business Division
JoAnn Perla * Learning Resource Services

** Campus representatives to Senate
* Senate alternates

If you have comments, concerns or items you would like to see placed on the agenda, please contact your area Campus Council representative.