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Reading/Writing Computer Lab

About the Reading and Writing Computer Lab

The Reading and Writing Computer Lab consists of a reading  and  writing center. The Lab is available for faculty use by scheduling classes with the Alexandria Testing Center.

The Reading and Writing Computer Lab provides faculty with the use of the following:

  • Smart Boards
  • Projectors
  • DVC
  • Instructor Computer
  • 26 Student Computers
  • Softlink Software

The Reading and Writing Computer Lab also offers Softlink. Softlink is a classroom management system that allows faculty to control individual student computer displays. This software is used to enhance teaching methods. All the computers have Windows XP, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Internet access for classroom research.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is open to student use when not in use by faculty. Students have access to 27 computers to complete research papers and assignments.

Writing Center Classroom Usage Restrictions

  • No food, drinks or children are permitted in the Center.
  • The use of cell phones is not permitted.
  • Classes always have priority over individual students.

Open Lab Policies

  • Students must sign in  to use the Writing Center for Open Lab.
  • Students will be required to log on using their LAN account information.
  • The computers are  for completing homework assignments, writing essays and papers.
  • You must provide your own flash drive in order to save your work.
  • The Writing Center hours are posted near the Writing Center door.
  • Internet use must be related to college assignments.
  • Each student must do his/her own work. Please read the English Department's statement about honesty for more information.
  • Group work is not encouraged. We strive to provide a quiet work environment for all students.
  • NO PRINTING ALLOWED during Open Lab.

For more information send an email to