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Faculty & Staff

Name Title Email Phone Office
Qania Aden Student Services Specialist 703.933.5021 AA194
Shahida Begum Scanner 703.845.6647 AA194
Tracy Bell Disability Counselor 703.845.6208 AA193
Trevor Blair Counselor/Instructor 703.845.6236 AA194
Shanon Bobb International Student Advisor 703.845.6248 AA196
Stuart Bowen Pathway Counselor 703.450.7749 AA194
Rebeccah Carrier Counselor 703.845.6470 AA252
Vicki Cash Receptionist 703.933.5073 AA194
Diana Cifuentes Administrative Assistant 703.845.6301 AA194
Michael Donnelly Counselor 703.845.6594 AA194
Darlene DuBose Peer Support Counselor 703.933.3995 AA194
Amy Dunlap Pathway Counselor 703.323.3200 AA194
Leola Farmer International Students 703.845.3207 AA193
Laura Hatfield Counselor 703.845.6245
Arlington Center 301
Alice Hedley Coordinator of Student Services 703.845.6471 AA194
QuRita Hunter Coordinator of Student Services 703.933.1854 AA193
Shannon Ingram Pathway Counselor 703.933.5086 AA194
Marjorie Kinnaman Counselor 703.845.6237 AA252
Margaret Lindsey Administrative Assistant 703.933.5073 AA194
Takesha McMiller Coordinator Off-Campus Military Programs 703.527.5976 Ft. Myer  215
Rhonda Myers Coordinator 703.845.6477 AA193
Niki Neal Campus Registrar 703.845.6335 AA194
Edythe Richards Counselor 703.933.5060
Brenda Robinson-Baptist Office Manager 703.845.6219 AA195
Cristina Saunders Student Services Specialist 703.845.6246 AA194
Dr. Delores Scott Dean of Students 703.845.6321 AA 195
Alicia Street Veteran's Advisor 703.933.1437 AA 194P
Crystal Young Counselor 703.933.1842 AA194
Keith Wynn Counselor/Instructor 703.845.6304 AA194