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The Language Resources Center

An Open Lab for World Languages Practice

Did you know there is a place on campus to study and practice world languages?

The Language Resource Center in AA160 is the place to find drill and practice materials in Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Classics, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese and more. There are word processing programs and software to practice listening and speaking in most of these languages. Need help with speaking? Our conversation partner program will help you feel more confident when speaking in your next class. Need help with grammar and vocabulary? Our peer tutorial services will help you step by step and at your own pace. Need a place to study for an upcoming test? Study groups are always welcome here, and this is the only place where speaking out loud (in languages you are studying) is encouraged. We have television programs broadcasting international news available on site. Flip cameras, headsets and a Skype setting with a web camera are also available for your projects. Ask your instructor for tips on how you can best use your time in AA 160.

About the Center

All students currently registered in world languages may use the Language Resource Center during Open Lab Hours in the semesters in which they are enrolled. The Center is reserved for world language study only. Work for other courses must be done at other facilities. The Language Center has 24 PCs and is a paperless environment. Students who wish to save their work should provide their own flash drives.

When not in use as a Language Resource Center, AA 160 is an electronic classroom where classes in 10 different languages are taught. Consult the College Web page for schedule and course content summaries.

Campus Resources

Whether in AA160 or at home, you may want to try out these online resources in the languages you are studying. These resource pages have been designed by Alexandria campus faculty in foreign languages:

La Page de Laura, resources in French by Laura Franklin.

Welcome to Japanese Program, resources in Japanese by Takako Shigehisa

Language Learning Strategies, a resource to help you succeed in foreign language studies.

Find your instructor's Web page here:

Lama Hamdan: Arabic
Dali Tan: Chinese
Laura Franklin: French
Elizabeth Bull: French
Eddy Arana: German
Takako Shigehisa: Japanese
David Brown: Latin
Eddy Arana: Spanish
Andrew Bowen: Spanish
Martha Davis: Spanish
Amanda Trostle: Spanish

Peer Language Tutors/ Conversation Partner Program

Did you know that you can get one hour per week free tutoring from native speakers in the language that you are studying? Simply visit AA160 and ask for a peer tutor. Tutors can work one-on-one or in study groups. If you need more practice in speaking, ask for a conversation partner. You can meet a native speaker and have an opportunity to help their English conversation as well.

If you are a speaker or an advanced level student of a world language, inquire in AA160 about how you can become a World Language Peer Tutor or Conversation partner. It is a rewarding, volunteer job and a way to contribute to the world language learning community. It is also a great opportunity to meet native speakers of English who are curious about your language and culture.

Career Studies Certificate Program

Did you know that the Liberal Arts Division has an Area Studies Program in a variety of international programs, such as Chinese, Japanese and Latin America Studies? Find out more about this exciting program at this website:

Chinese Studies Career Studies Certificate
Japanese Studies Career Studies Certificate
Latin American Studies Career Studies Certificate

MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching

MERLOT is a digital library that will help you find effective learning materials in whatever language you are studying. Simply type your language in the search field in the right top corner and go. (Example: You are in French; type French language.) You will find drills, tutorials, texts and multimedia modules in the language that you are studying!

The resources in MERLOT include: links to thousands of learning materials and sample assignments, which show how the materials could be used in the classroom. There are evaluations of the learning materials by other individual users and faculty panels. There are also links to people with common interests in a discipline, and in teaching and learning.

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The Language Resource Center
Bisdorf Building, AA 160
Alexandria Campus
Northern Virginia Community College
3001 North Beauregard Street
Alexandria, VA 22311-5097
Monday and Wednesday 1:00-6:00
Tuesday and Thursday 1:30-6:00

Conversation Partners is a free program where ESL students are invited to AA 160 The Language Center during open lab hours to engage in conversation with World Languages students studying their languages. So an ESL student who speaks native French would be paired with a Student studying French. Students who are native speakers of any of the languages taught at NOVA are encouraged to come to the Language Center to volunteer for Conversation Partners. Students who are studying languages at NOVA, on campus or online are encouraged to participate.

For more information about the Language Center, contact Alexis Franklin @