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Liberal Arts Division


Dr. Jimmie McClellan
Dean for Liberal Arts

Welcome to the Liberal Arts Division, the largest academic division at NOVA. The liberal arts are the disciplines or branches of knowledge concerned with man and his culture, and thus help us to explore and understand what it means to be human. Such an understanding is important in an age that increasingly emphasizes technology and demands a faster pace.

Liberal Arts TV

The Division offers a broad range of disciplines and courses taught in a variety of traditional and technological formats by teachers who are among the very best. We offer a complete array of English courses, from entry-level ESL to specialized literature courses; 12 different foreign languages (including Arabic, Hindi, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Ancient Greek and Latin), supported by a multimedia Language Center (Room AA160); and a wide variety of history, social science, philosophy, religion, communications, music, fine arts and photography courses.

Our peer-tutoring program (for ESL and Developmental English) and our Writing Assistance Center (in Room AA340) offer support with your written coursework.

Our Honors Program gives qualified students the opportunity to explore subject matter in greater depth in seminar atmospheres.

Finally, a relatively new program feature within this division is International Area Studies (in Latin American, Chinese, Japanese, and African-American Studies), which enables you to concentrate your studies in one of four areas combining the studies of history, literature, language, even economics and psychology.

Division Photos

Room AA 252
3001 North Beauregard Street
Alexandria, VA 22311
Phone: 703.845.6241 or x6242

Division Dean
Dr. Jimmie McClellan

Assistant Dean of Liberal Arts
Jean Braden

Administrative Staff

Samuel Rosado Rodriguez
Office Manager


Olga Merkezas
Administrative Assistant

Azza Ahmed
Administrative Assistant
Sean Nance
Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Jose Zalles II
Administrative Assistant

Abdulhakim Ali
Administrative Assistant

Assistant Deans

Dr. Ivy Beringer
Childhood Development, Human Services and Education

Elizabeth (Lisa) Hill
Communication Design

Brenda Lewis-Holmes
Communications Studies and Theatre

Dr. Jonathan Kolm

Dr. Elizabeth Lanthier
Economics, Geography, Psychology and Sociology

Bill Schran
Fine Arts
Takako Shigehisa
World Languages (including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Ancient Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Italian, Latin, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese)

Joseph Small

Jarrod Waetjen / Shonette Grant
Developmental English, English, Humanities, Linguistics, Philosophy and Religion

Dr. Joseph Windham
History, Political Science and Social Sciences

Tauheeda Yasin
English as a Second Language

Courses of Study/Programs:

Women's Center
Division Photos and Videos