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Academic Divisions - Alexandria

Explore the academic divisions and programs offered at Northern Virginia Community College's Alexandria Campus.

Liberal Arts Division
Location: Bisdorf Building, Room 252

Samuel Rosado-Rodriguez
Division Office Manager
Phone: 703.845.6242

The programs within the Liberal Arts Division include: Anthropology and Sociology, Communication Design, Early Childhood Development, Fine Arts, Economics, English, English as a Second Language, Geography, History, Humanities, Philosophy, Photography, Political Science, Psychology, Religion and World Languages. 

Science, Technology and Business Division
Location: Bisdorf Building, Room 352

Lisa Moran
Division Office Manager
Phone: 703.845.6341

The programs within the Science, Technology and Business Division include: Accounting, Administration of Justice, Administrative Support Technology, Architecture Technology, Automotive Technology & Collision Repair, Biology, Business Administration, Business Management, Chemistry, Computer Science, Construction Management Technology, Contract Management, Engineering Technology, Finance, Geology, Information Systems Technology, Legal/Paralegal, Marketing, Mathematics, Natural Science, Physical Education, Physics and Real Estate.

Visit the College's Academic Programs & Services to learn more about these and other programs.