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Jobs, Internships & Recruiting

The Career Service Offices at each of NOVA’s campuses offer an array of on-site and online resources for job listings, internships, recruitment needs and more.

  • Career Services will help you explore, develop and set goals related to your career and educational needs; make effective career decisions and obtain employment. You will have the ability to assess your interests, skills, preferences, values and strengths; investigate the world of work through research, internships, cooperative education and volunteer opportunities; and learn job searching tools and strategies such as writing resumes and interviewing successfully.
  • Cooperative Education & Coordinated Internship Services, an extension of Academic Services that provides students with work-based experiential learning opportunities by supporting the collaboration between the academic departments and community employers through Co-Op courses to help meet community labor needs, enhance the programs of study curricula at the College, and enrich academic learning and career development of students.