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Galleries located at different NOVA campuses feature regularly changing visual art exhibits each academic year.

The Tyler Teaching Gallery, Alexandria Campus
Venue Contact: Bill Schran, Gallery Director
Phone: 703.845.6075

The Fisher Gallery, Alexandria Campus
Venue Contact: Linda Vitello, Marketing & PR Manager
Phone: 703.845.6156
Fax: 703.845.6154

Verizon Gallery, Annandale Campus
Venue Contact: Kevin Sheehan
Phone: 703.323.3805

The Waddell Art Gallery, Loudoun Campus 
Venue Contact: Don Depuydt, Gallery Coordinator
Phone: 703.450.2627
Fax: 703.450.2669

The New Gallery, Woodbridge Campus
Venue Contact: Erin Devine, Gallery Director
Phone: 703.878.4562

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