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We are now implementing a non-competitive application as of Fall 2012. Students must apply to the program and be program placed by January 1st to avoid being dropped from the program. This is a non-competitive application, only designed for advising purposes. Please, click here to download the application.

If you decide to enroll in Biotechnology at NOVA, please fill this application and e-mail it to Dr. Ia Gomez at igomez@nvcc.edu or Dr. Diane Mucci at dmucci@nvcc.edu

Application Process for Entering the Biotech Curriculum

A.A.S. in Biotechnology

Students wishing to enroll in the A.A.S. in Biotechnology degree should proceed through the following steps for admission, starting at least one semester prior to when they wish to enroll in the program:

  1. Attend an information session or schedule an advising appointment with a Biotech Faculty Advisor. This can be completed prior to or after steps 2-4. Students are encouraged to seek information very early in the process.
  2. Apply to NOVA. Students may choose to enroll in the A.S. in General Studies degree prior to their acceptance into the program.
  3. Take the college placement test for English and Mathematics in one of the College’s Testing Centers (located on each campus)
  4. Complete Pre-admission requirements for program.

    Students applying to the A.A.S. degree must have documentation of the following:
    Placement into college-level English (ENG111)
    Placement into MTH151 or higher
    Completion of BIO101 with “C” or better.

    Students who are currently enrolled in BIO101 may apply to program and be admitted on a provisional basis until their final grade is submitted. If a student has taken BIO101 or any of the course requirements at another institution, they must submit official transcripts and if applicable, foreign transcripts, and submit a formal evaluation of the courses/degree. They must then fill out the appropriate form in order for them to be entered into the student’s academic record.
  5. Apply to the program. Students need to fill out an on-line application. This will automatically be e-mailed to Biotech Program Coordinator. S/he will review the student's application, test scores, and transcripts to confirm they are eligible for admission. An advising session will be scheduled if not already completed. Students will be notified within 2 – 4 weeks as to whether they have been accepted or not. 
  6. Receive Biotech Program Handbook (in preparation) and register for core biotech classes, BIO250 and BIO253.

Career Studies Certificate, Biotechnology Lab Technician

Students applying to the Career Studies Certificate for Biotechnology Lab Technicians must complete all of the pre-admission requirements as outlined above with the exception that applications will only be accepted for students enrolling in the Fall Semester (August 20st).In addition, a student must have completed a college degree (Associate of Science degree or higher). Foreign students must document the U.S. equivalent to an Associate Degree. Students without a science degree are strongly advised to complete the A.A.S. in Biotechnology instead of the Career Studies Certificate.