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College Reference Books

Reference books assist students with their choice of an institution, academic preparation and financial planning. Below are just a few of our most popular reference books. Visit the transfer center for a complete list of books.

Barron's Profiles of American Colleges Barron’s Profiles of American Colleges 
The 26th edition of this guide to all accredited four-year colleges and universities covers 1,650 schools with information on admission requirements, academic programs, tuition, available financial aid, library/computer/athletic facilities and much more. Each school is rated by its degree of academic competitiveness, and there’s a complete index by majors. Includes a Windows/ Mac interactive CD-ROM. 1,669 pages.
The College Board Book of Majors The College Board Book of Majors
The only book that helps students choose a major and tells them which colleges offer it, this guide was previously titled The Index of Majors and Graduate Degrees. Updated and expanded, it offers in-depth descriptions of 190 majors that tell students about the classes they’ll take, career possibilities, plus a directory of 900 majors at 3,600 colleges. Highly recommended—A near-essential resource.
Peterson's Guide to Four Year Colleges Peterson’s Guide to Four-Year Colleges
This new edition offers 3,096 pages covering more than 2,100 accredited U.S. and Canadian institutions. There is a complete majors directory, college entrance difficulty lists, a state-by-state chart of colleges’ vital statistics, advice on choosing a college and getting financial aid, plus two-page descriptions of nearly 1,000 colleges, many with campus photographs. Includes a CD-ROM with SAT and ACT Assessment tests, detailed college descriptions and info. for applying for college online. A near-essential resource. “One of the very best…lives up to its reputation as a trusted reference.”—College Bound Magazine