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I haven't made any decisions about my major or a college for transfer.

  1. Confused?Contact the Counseling Center (CA 112) or Career & Transfer Center (CA 105) for assistance with career planning. Your career choice helps you to determine the best major for you to reach your goals. You can also find help in exploring majors and careers on-line.
  2. Try to decide on your major or at least a general area as soon as possible since not every school has every major.  Click here for more tips and information on Making a Major Decision About Your Major.
  3. Check if your chosen college has a set of core requirements. These are classes that every student must take regardless of their major. These degree core requirements are usually listed in the front section of the college's catalog.  Also visit our section on Degree or No Degree for a list of transferable courses.
  4. Contact your intended college to schedule a campus visit and tour. Try to make this an overnight visit if it's not a local school. Many colleges will assist you in making these arrangements. Remember to have a list of questions prepared ahead of time.