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I have chosen a major and decided on a college for transfer.

  1. Confused?Write or call the college of your choice to get a copy of their catalog to use as a resource in course planning. There may even be a copy you can look at in the Career & Transfer Center or Counseling Center.  Remember that many college catalogs are now on-line.
  2. Look at the transfer guides in the Career & Transfer Center. There are guides for many of the Virginia colleges and a few for out-of-state colleges. The transfer guides can tell you if there are any special agreements between NOVA and that college. These guides are developed by the 4-year schools and sent to us for use in advising NOVA students.  Several of them are also now available on-line.
  3. There are several transfer resources available to assist you in your academic planning for transfer.  Visit the Career & Transfer Center (CA 105) and Counseling Center (CA 112) to obtain more specific information regarding preferred courses for transfer.
  4. There are many advantages to obtaining your Associates degree.  Most of the VA colleges encourage NOVA students to complete an associate degree (A.S. or A.A.) before transfer. However, there are some advantages for transferring without an Associate's degree as well.  For example, majors at some colleges which prefer you transfer after only 1 year at NOVA, because of the sequencing of the program's courses. Check this out for your major/college.
  5. Students in NOVA degree programs should be working closely with their faculty advisors. Advisors can help with NOVA graduation requirements and in choosing electives that will be good transfer choices.  Click on this link to learn more about Tips for Communicating With Your Faculty Advisor.
  6. Contact your intended college to schedule a campus visit and tour. Try to make this an overnight visit if it's not a local school. Many colleges will assist you in making these arrangements. Remember to have a list of questions prepared ahead of time to make sure you get all the information you need.
  7. Ask about attending one of our upcoming transfer sessions since these can often provide helpful information.