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College/University Admission Representatives

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Richard Ernst Cultural Center (CE Building)
Gymnasium – First Floor

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Guidelines for Participating Institutions
Virginia Tour of College Day and Night Programs

The following points are to be understood when accepting an invitation to VACRAO sanctioned programs. Each college or organization and representative must comply with all rules and regulations listed below:

High schools and community colleges are not obligated to accommodate representatives who did not receive a specific invitation or who did not respond to an invitation. Fair coordinators do not have to accommodate schools which did not pay the required fee in advance (when applicable) or they may collect the fee at the door from the representative.

Cancellation of college fairs due to emergency situations are determined by the local fair coordinator(s), not the School & College Relations Committee. Should a last minute change arise once the Virginia Tour begins, local coordinators will attempt to notify travelers via announcement at prior college fairs. Changes prior to the Tour’s start will be announced electronically via VACRAO listserv.

College representatives will arrive early for the fair and remain at the fair until the end of the session. Should an emergency prevent a representative from attending, he or she should make every effort to contact the designated coordinator for the program.

College representatives will turn cell phones off for the duration of the college fair.

Each program is to allow all students the opportunity to learn about post-secondary opportunities in a comfortable, counseling type atmosphere. All interviewing must be confined to an assigned area with representatives remaining close to their assigned area so that interested students and parents can locate them easily and quickly. Any transactions involving an exchange of monies are prohibited, as are drawings, contests or lotteries of any kind.

VACRAO endorses NACAC’s Principles and discourages the distribution of non-academic recruitment materials such as shopping bags, calendars, bumper stickers, key rings, buttons, pennants, pens & pencils, or any other advertising gimmick. VACRAO encourages the distribution of brochures describing an institution and its programs, catalogs, and other items containing factual information. Institutions wishing to use electrical equipment should request, in advance, a separate room or area for their presentation.

It is the responsibility of every college or university to inform members of their own staff attending a Virginia Tour program of these guidelines.

Questions or concerns about the Virginia Tour programs should be directed to any member of the VACRAO School and College Relations Committee. Please refer to your VACRAO Roadrunner Gazette for a current list of School & College Relations committee members. Evaluation forms for the Virginia Tour are available in the Gazette or will be distributed during a fair at the end of each week.