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Center for Academic Assistance

The Center for Academic Assistance (CAA) at NOVA’s Annandale Campus provides assistance to all continuing students on understanding various academic policies and procedures. The mission of the CAA is to support you in your educational planning as you work to achieve your career and life goals.

The CAA will provide assistance by working in tandem with the deans of the divisions. Be a member of the team by taking control of your lifelong planning and goals.

Approval of Course Repeats (3rd Time)

Your request to repeat a course for the third time will be considered after a review of your transcript and discussion of other factors, i.e. time, factors that impacted the previous attempts, etc. If it is determined that you should not register for the course at the time the request is made, assistance will be provided in identifying another course.

Reconsideration of your request will be made for the next semester after reviewing your progress.

Drops for Non-Payment
If you request permission to re-register for a class after being dropped, you will be placed in the class if you have been attending the class prior to being dropped. If the class is closed, instructor permission will be sought. Instructors who have indicated that permission will not be granted to any student for his/her closed class will not be contacted, since the lists are available in the Center. You will be assisted in identifying open classes.
Schedule Adjustments
After the deadline has passed, the ability to add a class is restricted. There is a limited schedule adjustment period during the first week of classes if students have documented mitigating circumstances that impacted their ability to register on time. The student will need to complete a Registration with Permission Form (Form 125–077) and submit supporting documentation to the appropriate academic division dean for approval. Students are permitted to drop courses at any time in accordance with NOVA’s Academic Calendar. Students may swap a course they are currently enrolled in for another course in a future session that has not yet started. Consult the College Catalog for more information on schedule adjustments.
Class Re-Enrollment After Census Date
You can be considered for re-enrollment for four reasons: late registration due to non¬payment; regular course to developmental within the first 21 days of the semester; section change only; and course change same session.
International Transcript Evaluation
NOVA accepts international transcript evaluations from either World Education Services (WES) or the American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). Students must pay for the cost of the evaluation. Once the College receives a copy of the evaluation, appropriate transfer credit will be awarded and posted to the student’s record. Credit for ENG 111 or higher English credit will be awarded only if the student has taken and passed NOVA’s English Placement Test, qualifying for ENG 111. NOVA does not endorse any transcript evaluation agency and cannot guarantee the quality or outcome of the evaluations.  Students may also need to provide NOVA with additional information before transfer credit can be awarded.