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Emily Miller
Reading and Writing Center

Writing Resources

PowerPoint Presentations and Handouts

Orientation Workshop

This presentation summarizes our available services. Please note that students who would like feedback on their written work need to plan in advance (2-3 academic days).  Students who would like to use self-guided software are welcome anytime the room is not reserved for instructional use.

Orientation, SP 12 (Powerpoint)

Honing Thesis Statements

This workshop will help students understand what a thesis statement is, where it should be located, and how it functions within the broader context of an academic essay. 

Download Workshop (PDF)

What's Your Thesis?

This workshop strengthens one’s ability to write clear, detailed thesis statements and also improves organization and focus in writing.

Download Workshop (Powerpoint)

PEE in your Paragraphs

Students learn the “secret” to writing well-developed, well-organized paragraphs and essays: “Point-Evidence-Explanation Paragraph Structure.”

Download Workshop (Powerpoint)

Writing Interesting, Grammatically Correct Sentences

This workshop reviews the four different sentence structures, provides examples for each, and describes the punctuation associated with each.  This workshop is recommended for students who have trouble with comma splices, run-on sentences, or fragments.

Download Workshop (PDF)

Sentence Structure and Grammar

Learn to write concise, precise, clear, grammatically correct sentences.

Download Workshop (Powerpoint)

Writing in-class Essays

Do you get nervous when you have to write in-class essays?  This workshop will provide you with specific strategies that you can use to “imitate” the conditions of an in-class essay experience or examination before the actual examination period. 

Download Workshop (PDF)

Writing for Essay Tests

This workshop provides step-by-step processes for preparing for an essay test and then writing a great essay under a time limit.

Download Workshop (Powerpoint)

Voice and Authority in College Writing

This workshop is designed to support students taking English 111 or 111.009 at NOVA.  In addition to providing a review of the terms logos, pathos, and ethos, the resource highlights common pitfalls of student writing.  The final slides offer advice for students who want to improve the authenticity of their voices.

Download Workshop (PDF)

Writing College Essays and Personal Statements

Students will learn about the difference between successful and unsuccessful college essays.  This resource includes tips for brainstorming a topic if one is not provided for you, writing and editing strategies, and advice for students who want to consider using the same essay for multiple schools.

Download Workshop (PDF)

Writing a Transfer Essay

This workshop provides step-by-step processes for preparing for an essay test and then writing a great essay under a time limit.

Download Workshop (Powerpoint)

Writing Annotated Bibliographies

This workshop walks students through the process of writing annotated bibliographies, which is a common step in the research paper process.  Sample annotations in MLA and APA format are included.

Download Workshop (PDF)

Writing For the Sciences: Lab Reports, Field Reports, and More

This workshop covers the unique format and requirements of Scientific Writing and then breaks down the qualities of effective Scientific Writing, including Lab Reports and Field Reports.

Download Workshop (Powerpoint)

Writing Across Borders Faculty Workshop

This workshop for faculty dealt with the unique challenges and opportunities of teaching International and English-as-a-Second-Language students. The video on which it was based, Writing Across Borders, highlights the cultural basis of American Academic expectations and preferences for writing as well as the unfamiliarity of those expectations and preferences for many multicultural, multilingual students. The handout below summarizes many of the main points of the workshop, including strategies for teaching.

Download Workshop Handout (PDF)

Writing Across the Curriculum

The Annandale Writing Center's "Writing Across the Curriculum" series covers thesis statements, academic research, writing professional emails to professors, and many other writing skills that are essential for success in college and beyond.

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