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The Language Center assists students studying foreign languages at NOVA Annandale by providing them with resources and technology to improve their listening and speaking skills in the language(s) being studied.


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World Language Resources

Below is a list of links to websites that are useful for language learning.

Multiple Languages:
Digital Dialects: A great website for beginning language students. It has a number of games to help students learn vocabulary generally taught in the first semester, such as colors, numbers, greetings, etc.
Forvo: A website where one can practice pronouncing words in a variety of languages. You can search by language or by category.
Mango: Mango is an online software program available through the NVCC library system. Using dialogs, Mango helps students practice vocabulary and communication skills. It is good for beginning – low intermediate students.

Spanish Language Links
Don Quijote: Contains brief grammar lessons, word of the day, verb conjugate, games, jokes, and more. Registration is free and only takes two minutes.
Language Learning Blog: A blog dedicated to learning about Spanish language and culture. Posts contain music video clips, local and world news, entertainment, etc.
E-spanyol: A site for beginning Spanish students. It provides lessons, auto correcting grammar exercises, vocabulary practice, and audio clips with transcripts to practice listening.
Online Lessons Using Video Clips: A site put together by the University of Texas that has Spanish lessons starting from the entry level all the way to advanced, covering a wide range of topics. Lessons are presented through 30 second video clips of native speakers along with helpful vocabulary lists and short grammar lessons.
Study Spanish.com: An online Spanish course consisting of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation lessons and activities. It can be used systematically like a course or sporadically as a supplement to the lessons received in class.
Lo Mas TV: Contains a variety of video clips in Spanish, including music videos, commercials, and TV show clips. Many of the clips contain English subtitles to assist in understanding. For those wanting something other than grammar exercises to practice Spanish, this is the place to go.
Online Spanish Dictionary: All in Spanish. Type a word in Spanish and you are given a list of definitions (in Spanish) along with examples sentences and expressions containing that word.
Self Check Exercises: Contains a list of self-check exercises on various topics including adjectives, verbs, conjunctions, prepositions (por/para) and others. These can be filled out online and will receive immediate feedback.
Todo sobre Español: A website dedicated to talking “All About Spain”. For those interested in learning more about Spanish people, life, culture, and travel go to this website for information. The site can be viewed in both Spanish and English. Try it in Spanish for practice; then switch to English to check for understanding.

French Links
French Blog: Discusses fashion, art, design and other similar topics. For those interested in these topics, it would be a great way to practice reading comprehension.
Self Correcting Exercises: Provides self-correcting exercises for two levels of French learners. Each level contains four units that cover various grammar and vocabulary topics. Although the website is intended for students using the Accord book, the exercises are helpful for all students studying French, regardless of the book being used.
French/English Dictionary: An online dictionary with a French verb conjugator, grammar tips and articles.
Academie Francaise: Provides a French dictionary as well as other French language descriptions and information. This is one of the most accurate sources for French language. The website is entirely in French, so it would not be best for beginners.
Nova Planet: A site created by and for the younger generation. It contains random facts, entertainment news, funny TV/movie clips, and much more.
French News/Instruction: A brief French “course” offered through the news station RFI. Through this page students can practice their French by reading articles, listening to news clips in French, and reading articles on the French language.
TV5 MONDE: A global television network, broadcasting several channels of French language programming. On their website, you can find many resources such as the famous Bernard Pivot’s Dictee and other news about the French culture (Books, Drama, dictionary…) There is also a free application for iPhones.
 Civilisation Francaise: An excellent website where you can enjoy learning French. It gives clear ideas about many different themes, such as transportation, religion, and family.
Video Instructional Series: Intended for college and high school classrooms and adult learners. It contains 52 half-hour video programs, audiocassettes, coordinated books, and website.

Arabic Links
Helpful Websites: A resource for Arabic teachers that contains a list of Arabic language learning/teaching websites that are useful to students and teachers alike.
Movies/Music: Provides access to free movies, music videos, and news in Arabic. The movies are from all over the Arab world, including Morocco and Egypt.
Video Lessons:  Created by the University of Texas, it contains numerous video clips on various topics to promote listening comprehension skills in Arabic. The videos may be played at “normal”, “slow”, or “slowest” speed to assist in comprehension.
My Arabic Website: Host to a variety beginning Arabic lessons, information on learning Arabic, Arab cultural information, information on Arabs in the US and abroad, and numerous other topics including Arabic songs and poetry.
Arabic Typing Tool: A useful tool for typing in Arabic without using an Arabic keyboard or language component. Students can type the transliterated Arabic word and Yamli will write the word in the Arabic script. It’s a fast and easy way for students to type in Arabic without having to use special software.
As the Arabs Say: A website that has “Weekly Arabic Quotes, Proverbs, and Sayings for Learners of Arabic as a Foreign Language selected, podcasted and interpreted by Mourad Diouri”.
My Arabic Teacher Blog: A blog intended for Arabic language learners. It contains posts related to music, news, and language learning resources.
Language Learning Games: For those who like to learn through games, this is a great site. It has about 100 games that can be played directly on the site, all in Arabic. A short description and review of each game is provided. Game topics range from thematic vocabulary practice to prepositions and verbs.
Children’s Stories: A fun way to practice listening comprehension. It has dozens of online children’s stories narrated in Arabic. The site can be viewed in English, but it would be best to use it entirely in Arabic for reading/listening practice.

Chinese Links
Chinese Notes: This is for those who have an advanced level of Chinese and want to learn more about the Chinese language, including Chinese culture, Chinese fonts and Classical Chinese.
Chinese Multi-Media: This website is good for students who have studied Chinese for over 3 months.  It provides text and audio and includes several useful situations you may need for daily life.
Quick Mandarin: This is a tool which can help you to type in Chinese characters if you don’t have a program to type in Chinese on your computer.
Mandarin Tools: This website has tools for learning and using Chinese. You can use one of the tools to add Pinyin to your files.
Chinese Blog: This websites collected several blogs which are related to Chinese culture.  You can learn some useful information through them.
Online Dictionary: This is a good online dictionary for Chinese.  You can translate from English to Chinese and from Chinese to English.
Chinese Pod: On this website, you can download Chinese lessons for your mp3, Iphone, iPad or just listen to them on the website.
Type in Chinese: You can use this website to type in Chinese Characters by using Pinyin.

German Links
German Folk Songs: Here you may listen to and read different songs and poems in German.
Web German: On this site, you may listen to and test yourself on grammar and simple sentence structure. It also makes use of games for testing.
German Blog: Hearing, listening, and understanding German vocabulary/grammar is discussed here. This site is advanced and may be more difficult for beginners to follow.
German Grammar: This contains a good explanation for accusative, dative, nominative and genitive. It also helps to learn more vocabulary.
Nominative, Accusative, & Dative: This online handout lists all the words that give an indication for accusative, dative and nominative.
Grammar Practice: This site has very good grammar practice exercises. Results from online quizzes are shown immediately.

Japanese Links:
Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese: Learn Japanese for free!
NHK online (News) in Japanese
Reading Tutor: This site provides assistance for reading articles.

Korean Links:
http://omniglot.com/writing/korean.htm: History of the Korean language, introduction to the Korean alphabet, and other useful links. (This site also contains a wealth of information about languages other than Korean.)
http://www.zkorean.com/: Includes some free resources like audio files corresponding to the Korean alphabet and basic language information as well as some other useful resources available through a paid subscription.
http://www.kri.unsw.edu.au/Education.htm: An online textbook (audio included) for beginning Korean used at the University of New South Wales.
Free online Korean lessons (audio files included).
http://www.dabdate.com/: Some free Korean TV programs and several more with a paid subscription.
The Wall Street Journal in Korean (with English translations)
Korean alphabet/basic reading with audio and illustrations. http://lei.snu.ac.kr/site/kr/klec/click-korean/index.jsp: An excellent Korean language learning site from Seoul National University.
Beginning Korean lessons/podcasts: most material is free, but some is for subscribers only.
Korean language materials: Students must register on the site, but registration is free.