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Godwin Building
Annandale Campus


Annandale’s Learning and Technology Resources (the “LTR”) champions student access and success and supports excellence in teaching and lifelong learning. We are partners and leaders in the development and delivery of learning opportunities for students, faculty and staff and are united in our passion for providing outstanding user-focused services and resources. We are committed to nurturing a learning and working environment that is respectful of our peers, our users, and the diversity of their experiences.

Learning Resource Services

LTR Units and Administration

LTR Administration
Dr. Braddlee, Dean CG 206 703.323.3004
Chantelle Ross, Administrative & Financial Specialist CG 206 703.323.3217
Academic Support Services
Math & Science Center CG 405 703.323.3139
ESL Center CG 408 703.323.3438
World Language Center CG 408 703.323.4137
Reading & Writing Center CG 409 703.323.3341
Oral Communication Center CM 363 703.764.5091
Sarah Bogdewiecz,
CG 413 703.323.2221
Faculty and Staff Resource Center
Hector Revollo,
CG 206 703.323.3771
Kama Storie,
CG 206 703.425.5959
Research Assistance CG 3rd Floor 703.323.3410
Circulation Desk CG 3rd Floor 703.323.3128
Jami Yazdani,
Associate Dean
CG 3rd Floor 703.323.3867
Open Computer Lab (CT122 703.323.3036)
Isha Haider,
CT 122 703.323.3726
Testing Center (CA 115 703.323.3149)
Jason DeFreitas,
CA 115 703.323.3149