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Four Year Transfer

GraduationIf you have any questions about transfer or the transferability of the RPK courses, contact Nancy Chamberlain, Assistant Dean, Recreation, Parks & Leisure Studies.  If you have any interest in attending schools outside Virginia, RPK will work on an individual basis with you and the institution of your choice to determine transfer needs.

Many of the graduates of the Recreation and Parks program have transferred to the following institutions:

Are you ready to transfer to a four year institution?

  1. Look through the extensive collection of four year Leisure Services/Recreation & Park undergraduate programs located in the CT 122 Library. Where do you want to go to school?
  2. Make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss the process.
  3. Review the type of degree you are earning with NOVA. The results of transferring with an A.A.S may be different than transferring with an A.S....know what to expect!
  4. Make a plan! What classes do you need yet to graduate? Do you need to retake any classes or take any diagnostic testing? What is the required GPA? Do you need to take an A.C.T or a S.A.T. examination for admission?
  5. Review your transcript to see what will likely transfer to the institution(s) of choice.
  6. Contact the institution(s) of choice. Ask for an informal transcript review from the department... not the admissions office.
  7. Inquire if NOVA has any formal articulation agreements with that institution.
  8. Know the application criteria. Many schools require a portfolio-type application and resume. Get your letters of recommendation ready! Know the application deadline and application fee requirement.
  9. Visit your school(s) of choice. Meet with the department chair to discuss the curriculum and your participation in the program...remember...first impressions are everything! Be sure to write a letter of thanks to the individual(s) you met with at your first convenience. If they want you in the program they will go to bat for you with the admissions folks!
  10. Complete application. Send it!