Classes and Training

The Faculty and Staff Resource Center offers classes and group training to faculty and staff. Classes include MS Office, web design, graphics, professional web page development, email and more. Individual training is also offered. All classes will take place in CG 204 (next to the Faculty and Staff Resource Center in CG 206)

July 2014

See class descriptions under the Calendar.

To register, either click on the training on the calendar and then click the "Registration" link, or use the form here.

Class Descriptions:

Blackboard 9.1 Level I: Basics (1.5 hours)
Explore the basics of Blackboard. Learn how to create an announcement, post your syllabus and make your course available to students.
Instructor: Hector Revollo

Blackboard 9.1 Level II: Communication(1 hour)
Explore online communication in Blackboard. Learn how to email students and create discussion boards, student groups, blogs, wikis and journals.
Instructor: Kama Storie

Blackboard 9.1 Level III: Assessment (1.5 hours)
Learn how to create and administer a test and manage the grade center.
Instructor: Hector Revollo

Introduction to Prezi (1 hour)
Learn how to create a free online Prezi account, and how to create, edit and share a presentation using text, graphics, and multimedia.
Instructor: Kama Storie

Please email us if you have any questions.