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Business & Public Service Division

The Business & Public Services Division at the Annandale Campus seeks to deliver high quality, comprehensive associate degree programs, certificates and courses in a broad array of business and public services disciplines.

Students will benefit from excellence in teaching and advising to assist them in achieving their personal, academic and professional goals.

Division Dean Message

The goal of the Business & Public Services Division is to meet the education and skill development needs of our communities. Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Whether you are looking to earn an associate's degree, transfer credits, pursue career training or gain personal enrichment, we can help you transform today's dreams into tomorrow's achievements.

The Business & Public Services Division has more than 4,000 full-time equivalent students per year, and offers upwards of 1,300 classes for the Summer, Fall and Spring semesters. We have 34 full time faculty and staff members and 140 adjuncts.

We invite you to become a part of the Business & Public Services Division family by registering for a class or series of classes this semester. Explore the offerings of our division through our links -- the NOVA Catalog and the Current Schedule. We are happy to answer any of your questions about the division by phone or email.

Faculty & Staff


Celeste Dubeck-Smith
703.323.3157 cdubecksmit@nvcc.edu
Stewart Edwards
Interim Associate Dean
703.323.3162 stedwards@nvcc.edu 
Zahra Ogun
Senior Administrative Assistant
703.323.3157 zaogun@nvcc.edu


Thomas Marsh
Assistant Dean
703.323.3180 tmarsh@nvcc.edu
John Ahmad 703.323.3858 jahmad@nvcc.edu
Douglas Bennett 703.323.2426 dbennett@nvcc.edu 
Regina Derzon 703.323.2426 rderzon@nvcc.edu 
Neal Dickman 703.323.2426 ndickman@nvcc.edu 
Vanessa Hester 703.323.2426 vhester@nvcc.edu 
Ayub Ibrahim 703.323.2426 aibrahim@nvcc.edu 
Phillip Imel 703.764.7761 pimel@nvcc.edu
Jill Mitchell 703.323.4569 jmitchell@nvcc.edu
James Otim 703.323.2426 jaotim@nvcc.edu 
Douglas Ross 703.323.2426 dross@nvcc.edu 
Erica Thompson 703.503.6317 ethompson@nvcc.edu

Administration of Justice

Jo Ann Short, J.D.
Assistant Dean
703.323.3538 jshort@nvcc.edu
Ioana Hartshorn
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3163 ihartshorn@nvcc.edu 
Colin Caesar 703.323.3255 ccaesar@nvcc.edu
Joyce Carelock 703.323.3255 jcarelock@nvcc.edu
Elliot Grollman 703.323.3255 egrollman@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Karschner 703.323.3255 jkarschner@nvcc.edu
Paul Koshetar 703.323.3255 pkoshetar@nvcc.edu
George McMillan 703.323.3255 gmcmillan@nvcc.edu
Michael McNulty 703.323.3255 mmcnulty@nvcc.edu
Mark Ochs 703.323.3255 mochs@nvcc.edu
David Rocco 703.323.3255 drocco@nvcc.edu
Allen Rogers 703.323.3255 arogers@nvcc.edu
Mary Stanley 703.323.3255 mstanley@nvcc.edu
Carla Ward 703.323.3255 cward@nvcc.edu
Stephen Wofsey 703.323.3157 swofsey@nvcc.edu

Business Management

Janet Largaespada
Acting Assistant Dean
703.323.3456 jlargaespada@nvcc.edu 
Ioana Hartshorn
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3163 ihartshorn@nvcc.edu 
Shaunton Alston-Brooks 703.323.3163 salstonbrooks@nvcc.edu
Greg Altieri 703.323.3163 galtieri@nvcc.edu
Ken Beltinck 703.323.3163 kbeltinck@nvcc.edu
David Bussard 703.323.3163 dbussard@nvcc.edu 
Robert Carroll 703.323.3163 rcarroll@nvcc.edu 
Sabrina Chikhi 703.323.3163 schikhi@nvcc.edu 
Margaret Chung 703.323.3163 mchung@nvcc.edu
James Esaw 703.323.3163 jesaw@nvcc.edu 
Richard Fiesel 703.323.3163 rfiesel@nvcc.edu
Darren Gibson 703.323.3163 dgibson@nvcc.edu
Eugene Harris 703.323.3163 eharris@nvcc.edu 
Thomas Heitfield 703.323.3163 theitfield@nvcc.edu
Christian Hernandez-Soto 703.323.3163 chsoto@nvcc.edu
Montgomery Hill 703.323.3163 mohill@nvcc.edu
Antoinette Jenkins 703.323.3163 acjenkins@nvcc.edu
Cynthia Johnson 703.323.3163 cyjohnson@nvcc.edu
Janet Largaespada 703.323.3456 jlargaespada@nvcc.edu
Tizoc Loza 703.323.3163 tloza@nvcc.edu 
Judy McNamee 703.323.3333 jmcnamee@nvcc.edu
Katherine Olson 703.323.3167 kolson@nvcc.edu
James Otim 703.323.3163 jrotim@nvcc.edu
Jovana Pantovic 703.323.3163 jpantovic@nvcc.edu 
Jack Partlow 703.323.3163 jpartlow@nvcc.edu
Thomas Peterson 703.323.3163 tpeterson@nvcc.edu
Hilda (Danielle) Phillips 703.323.3163 hphillips@nvcc.edu
Sabrina Ricks 703.323.3163 sricks@nvcc.edu 
Darwin Rivera-Ortiz 703.323.3163 driveraortiz@nvcc.edu
Stacey Young 703.323.3163 slyoung@nvcc.edu
Jawed Zakir 703.323.3163 jzakir@nvcc.edu

Computer Science

Dan Franssell
Assistant Dean
703.323.3525 dfranssell@nvcc.edu
Pam Sutey
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3457 psutey@nvcc.edu 
Anwar Ahmad 703.323.3593 anahmad@nvcc.edu
Ahmed Abdel-Latif 703.323.3593 aabdellatif@nvcc.edu 
Hitesh Bhatnagar 703.323.3593 hbhatnagar@nvcc.edu 
Deborah Chen 703.323.3593 dchen@nvcc.edu 
Yong Choi 703.323.3593 weblab777@gmail.com 
Saiid Ganjalizadeh 703.323.3593 sganjalizadeh@nvcc.edu
Brian Hoang 703.323.3593 choang@nvcc.edu
Tanes Kanchanawanchai 703.425.5127 tkanchanawanchai@nvcc.edu
Kyung Ko 703.323.3593 kko@nvcc.edu 
Ming-Ning Koo 703.323.3593 mkoo@nvcc.edu 
Sabah Salih 703.323.3593 ssalih@nvcc.edu 
Hanney H. Shaban 703.764.6003 hshaban@nvcc.edu 
Homayoun Sharafi 703.323.3525 hsharafi@nvcc.edu
Cheng-Yuan Tseng 703.323.3593 ctseng@nvcc.edu 
Yun-Sheng Wang 703.323.3593 ywang@nvcc.edu 


Janet Largaespada
Interim Assistant Dean
703.323.3162 jlargaespada@nvcc.edu 
Ioana Hartshorn
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3163 ihartshorn@nvcc.edu 
James Esaw 703.323.3163 jesaw@nvcc.edu
Christian Hernandez-Soto 703.323.3163 chsoto@nvcc.edu
Montgomery Hill 703.323.3163 mohill@nvcc.edu
Jacqueline Kazanci 703.323.3163 jkazanci@nvcc.edu
James Otim 703.323.3163 jrotim@nvcc.edu

Fire Science

Michael Pariser
Assistant Dean
703.323.3253 mpariser@nvcc.edu
Edward Blunt 703.323.3255 eblunt@nvcc.edu
David Horton 703.323.3255 dhorton@nvcc.edu

Hospitality Management

Janet Sass
Assistant Dean
703.323.3458 jsass@nvcc.edu
Pam Sutey
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3457 psutey@nvcc.edu
Lee Jay Acham 703.323.3457 lacham@nvcc.edu
Margaret Day 703.323.3457 mday@nvcc.edu
Shari Goldsmith 703.323.3457 sgoldsmith@nvcc.edu
Kelsey Guth 703.323.3457 kguth@nvcc.edu 
Nader Hasan 703.323.3457 nmhasan@nvcc.edu
Michael Herbert 703.323.3514 mherbert@nvcc.edu
Wilhelm Jonach 703.323.3457 wjonach@nvcc.edu
Earla Jean Jones 703.323.3457 esimpson@nvcc.edu
Barbara Kiker 703.323.3457 bkiker@nvcc.edu 
Amy Lestition 703.323.3457 alestition@nvcc.edu
Arnold Malin 703.323.3514 amalin@nvcc.edu
Myrtle McCulloch 703.323.3457 mmculloch@nvcc.edu 
Danielle Omar 703.323.3593 daomar@nvcc.edu 
Mushir Sayed 703.323.3457 msayed@nvcc.edu 
Debra Schmidt 703.323.3457 dschmidt@nvcc.edu
David Ivey-Soto 703.323.3457 diveysoto@nvcc.edu 
Mark Stillions 703.323.4107 mstillions@nvcc.edu
Thomas Truchio 703.323.3514 ttruchio@nvcc.edu 
Scott Williamson 703.323.3457 swilliamson@nvcc.edu 
Benita Wong 703.323.2117 bwong@nvcc.edu

Information Technology

Mark Beattie
Assistant Dean
703.323.3759 mbeattie@nvcc.edu 
Nancy Severe
Assistant Dean
703.323.4122 nsevere@nvcc.edu 
Avril Amato
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3593 aamato@nvcc.edu 
Ghada Abdelmoumin 703.323.5135 gabdelmoumin@nvcc.edu 
Rasoul Ahari 703.323.3593 rahari@nvcc.edu 
George Alves 703.323.3593 galves@nvcc.edu 
Emile Beshai 703.323.3593 ebeshai@nvcc.edu
Bernard Blair 703.323.3593 bblair@nvcc.edu
Barry (Jay) Borst 703.323.3593 bborst@nvcc.edu
Ivan Calcano 703.323.3593 icalcano@nvcc.edu
Jason Clark 703.323.3593 jwclark@nvcc.edu
Robert Daniels 703.323.3593 rdaniels@nvcc.edu 
Demosthenes De Vera 703.323.3593 ddevera@nvcc.edu  
Steve Drasner 703.323.3334 sdrasner@nvcc.edu
Brendan Fitzpatrick 703.323.3593 bfitzpatrick@nvcc.edu
Syed Fuad 703.323.3593 sfuad@nvcc.edu
Norman Hahn 703.323.3593 nhahn@nvcc.edu
Kris Hillstrom 703.323.3593 khillstrom@nvcc.edu 
Dean Ho 703.323.3593 dho@nvcc.edu
Cuong Hoang 703.323.3593 choang@nvcc.edu
Hilliard Holbrook 703.323.3593 hholbrook@nvcc.edu 
James Hurst 703.323.3593 jhurst@nvcc.edu 
Pamella Johnson 703.425.5679 pamjohnson@nvcc.edu
Khurram Kamal 703.323.3593 khkamal@nvcc.edu
Showry Kocherla 703.323.3593 skocherla@nvcc.edu 
Amy Landman 703.323.3593 alandman@nvcc.edu
Daniel Lewis 703.323.3593 dlewis@nvcc.edu 
Sherry Marshall 703.323.3593 smarshall@nvcc.edu 
Laura McCullough 703.323.3024 lmccullough@nvcc.edu
Ester Mendes 703.323.3593 emendes@nvcc.edu 
Judy Miller 703.323.3857 jumiller@nvcc.edu
Richard Miller 703.323.3593 rwmiller@nvcc.edu
Richard Morasch 703.323.3593 rmorasch@nvcc.edu
Necmettin Mutlu 703.764.7397 nmutlu@nvcc.edu
Ebenezer Okai 703.323.3593 eokai@nvcc.edu
Thomas Patronik 703.323.3593 tpatronik@nvcc.edu
William Pegram 703.323.3593 wpegram@nvcc.edu
Karen Priestly 703.323.3593 kpriestly@nvcc.edu
Maria Rynn 703.323.3593 mrynn@nvcc.edu 
Jenee' Saunders 703.323.3593 jsaunders@nvcc.edu 
Floyd Schwartz 703.323.3593 fschwartz@nvcc.edu
Alex Seminario 703.323.3593 fseminario@nvcc.edu
James Shannon 703.323.3593 jshannon@nvcc.edu
Larry Shannon 703.323.3525 lshannon@nvcc.edu 
Ebrima Suwaneh 703.323.3593 esuwaneh@nvcc.edu 
Hashem Tabrizi 703.323.3593 htabrizi@nvcc.edu 
Manjit Taneja 703.323.3593 mtaneja@nvcc.edu
John Tomassone 703.323.3593 jtomassone@nvcc.edu 
Terry Turner 703.323.3593 tgturner@nvcc.edu 
Sherri Vaseashta 703.323.3593 svaseashta@nvcc.edu 
Jimmy Vu 703.323.3593 jvu@nvcc.edu


Judy McNamee
Assistant Dean
703.323.3333 jmcnamee@nvcc.edu
Katherine Olson
Assistant Dean
703.323.3167 kolson@nvcc.edu
Ioana Hartshorn
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3163 ihartshorn@nvcc.edu 
Lynn Barnsback 703.323.3163 lbarnsback@nvcc.edu
Ella Carter 703.323.3163 ecarter@nvcc.edu 
Jessica Clark 703.323.3163 jclark@nvcc.edu 
Cynthia Johnson 703.323.3167 cyjohnson@nvcc.edu
Rebbecah Lymn 703.323.3163 rlymn@nvcc.edu
Melvin Murphy 703.323.3163


Joan Sahlgren 703.323.3167


Faculty Advisors


Student Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
A, E, K, M, Y Tom Marsh 703.323.3180 CC 122-B
C, G, L, P, X John Ahmad 703.323.3858 CT 122-C
B, D, H, R, S, Z Philip Imel 703.764.7761 CT 122-A
I, Q, V, W, T Erica Thompson 703.503.6317 CC 122-F
N, O, J, F, U Jill Mitchell 703.323.4569 CC 122-A

Administration of Justice

Student Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
A-J Stephen Wofsey 703.425.5197 CC 120-A
K-T George McMillan 703.323.3250 CC 120-B
U-Z Jo Ann Short, J.D. 703.323.3538 CC 120-E

Business Administration

Student Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
A, C, I, N, O, P Katherine Olson 703.323.3167 CC 216-D
D, F, G, H, J, S Judy McNamee 703.323.3333 CC 216-E
L, M, Q, R, T, V, W Janet Largaespada
703.323.3456 CC 216-F
B, E, K, U, X, Y, Z Jovana Pantovic 703.323.3303 CC 216-A

Business Management

Student Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
B, C, F, G, H, I, J, K Judy McNamee 703.323.3333 CC 216-E
A, P, R, S, T, U, W, X, Y Janet Largaespada 703.323.3456 CC 216-B
D, E, L, M, N, O, Q, V, Z Jovana Pantovic
703.323.3303 CC 216-A

Computer Science

Student Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
A-G Anwar Ahmad 703.425.5173 CC 120-F
H-N Dan Franssell 703.323.3724 CM 122-C
O-T Dr. Hanney Shaban 703.764.6003 CS 210
U-Z T. Kanchanawanchai 703.425.5127 CC 120-F

Culinary Arts

Student Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
All Benita Wong 703.323.3457 CM122-F

Fire Science

Student Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
All Michael Pariser 703.323.3253 CC 120-C

Hospitality Management

Student Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
A-G, T-Z Mark Stillions 703.323.4107 CM 122-D
H-S Janet Sass 703.323.3458 CM 122-A

Information Technology

Student Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
L, P, R Laura McCullough 703.323.3024 CC 122-F
E, H Dr. Mark Beattie 703.323.3759 CC 216-C
C, I, B Steve Drasner 703.323.3334 CC 122-D
J, K, X Pamella Johnson 703.425.5679 CC 216-F
D, V Judy Miller 703.323.3857 CC 220-A
M, Y, U Dr. Necmi Mutlu 703.764.7397 CC 220-B
W, Z Alex Seminario 703.764.7780 CC 120-A
G, Q Nancy Severe 703.323.4122 CC 220-C
F, O, S Larry Shannon 703.323.3525 CC 122-F
A, N, T Ghada Abdelmoumin 703-323-5135 CC 220-A


Student Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
All Katherine Olson 703.323.3167 CC 216-D


Student Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
All Janet Sass 703.323.3458 CM 122-A