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Gurel Receives 2007 Chancellor's Award for Leadership in Philanthropy 

Gural Receives Chancellor's Award 
Jake Davison, NOVA graduate and NVCC Educational Foundation board member, Bonnie Idle, Assistant Director NVCCEF, Linda Loy, Dr. Lee Gurel, Dr. John Thrash, AN Dean of Students, First Lady Anne Holton, Dr. Patricia Lunt, AL Dean of Students

Dr. Lee Gurel received the prestigious Chancellor’s Award for Leadership in Philanthropy at a luncheon held April 23 at the Country Club of Virginia in Richmond. The Honorable Anne Holton, First Lady of Virginia, gave the keynote address.

Dr. Gurel has long supported faculty and students at NOVA through his generosity. His gifts allowed the Alexandria Campus to replace the circulation desk in the library, provided benches and chairs for students in the Bisdorf building, and landscaped the Zing Jung Memorial Garden at that campus. In addition, Dr. Gurel provides emergency grants to students at the Alexandria and Annandale campuses.

When asked for his reason for giving to NOVA, Dr. Gurel said, “I am impressed with the quality of youngsters I have met and the outstanding faculty and teachers at the college. They deserve all the support they can get.”

This is the third year that Chancellor Glenn DuBois has honored donors nominated by each of the twenty three colleges in the Virginia Community College System. Previous NOVA honorees include Dr. Richard Semmler, professor of mathematics at the Annandale Campus and Dr. Bonnie Lewis Pfoutz, current member of the NVCC Educational Foundation board of directors and former chair of the NOVA College Board.