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Friends of the College Society Memberships

You are invited to join the Friends of the College Society (FOCS) of Northern Virginia Community College. The FOCS is an annual membership society of donors who provide annual unrestricted gifts of $250 and higher. Memberships are open to individuals, foundations, businesses, and corporations. You can contribute to one of the three gift club levels through the Foundation: the Horse and Hound Club for $1000 and more, the English Saddle Club for $500 - $999, and the Tally-Ho Club for $250 - $499. By joining the FOCS, you support NVCC in its mission of meeting the educational, training, and service needs of northern Virginia residents. As a Friend of the College, you will be entitled to special privileges in recognition of your commitment to NVCC. Special events are held throughout the year for members to interact with the college community.