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The Educational Foundation is governed by a board of directors whose members come from both the public and private sectors in Northern Virginia. Potential Board members are nominated by sitting Board members and vetted through the Foundation Board’s Nominating Committee. Foundation Board members may hold their positions on the Board for up to three years; however, the president of the Foundation Board holds his/her office for a maximum of two-years.

We appreciate your support and dedication to the Northern Virginia Community College Educational Foundation.

The following is a list of the distinguished members of the 2013 – 2014 Board of Directors:

  • Douglas E. Brammer, President, Verizon   
  • Fred Thompson, 1st Vice President, Thompson Hospitality
  • Donald E. Strehle, 2nd Vice President, Sterling Capital Management
  • Robert Templin, Jr., Secretary                     
  • John Ritzert, Jr., General Counsel, Ritzert & Leyton, PC
  • Hon. Charles "Chuck" Caputo
  • Hon. Robert L. Calhoun, Redmon, Boykin, Braswell
  • Carlos Castro, Todos Hispanic Supermarket
  • Hon. William Cleveland
  • Hon. Charles J. Colgan
  • Donna Fossum
  • Judy Hubka, ExxonMobil
  • Dana Kauffman, Northern Virginia Community College                                      
  • Ray Mahmood, Mahmood Investment Corporation
  • Al Mc Aloon, The Burney Company
  • Jennifer McGarey, Northrop Grumman
  • David Miller
  • Bruce Hunter Neilson
  • John J. Renner, II, Renner & Company 
  • Allen Roberts, Cox Communications
  • John Ruffino, Executive Director
  • John Ryan
  • Tim Sargeant, Dominion
  • Zuzana Steen, Micron
  • Michael Wooten