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Faculty of the Year

The NVCC Alumni Federation is now accepting nominations for the 2014-2015 Faculty of the Year award. Click here to submit a nominations form.

The 2014 NVCC Alumni Federation Faculty of the Year reception was on April 11 in the Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center at NOVA's Annandale Campus. The following individuals received the 2014 Faculty of the Year awards:

Andrew Bowen Andrew Bowen
Alexandria Campus - Spanish

Dr. Walerian Majewski Dr. Walerian Majewski
Annandale Campus - Physics

Johanna Debrecht Johanna Debrecht
Loudoun Campus - Calculus

Dr. Jean Goodine Dr. Jean Goodine
Manassas Campus - English

Dr. Megan Cook Dr. Megan Cook
Medical Educational Campus - Occupational Therapy Assistant

Charles Taylor Charles Taylor
Woodbridge Campus - Contracting

The three adjunct faculty winners were:

  • Abdullah Daouk - Alexandria Campus - Arabic
  • Timothy Hudenburg - Annandale Campus - History
  • Doriann Hildreth-Fischer - Medical Education Campus - Physical Therapy

Thank you for taking the time to recognize so many of our outstanding NOVA faculty members with your nominations. Their work is the foundation for NOVA’s continued success and the success of its thousands of students who have greater access to higher education.