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Alumni Network

We offer many great resources specifically designed to connect NOVA alumni.

Alumni Federation Newsletter is a NOVA publication that is produced seasonally to keep alumni in the loop.

Click on the links below to find out more information on areas that interest you:  

  • The Northern Virginia Review is an annual publication of essays, fine art, photography, poetry and short stories produced by the faculty, staff and alumni of NOVA. Copies are for sale at all the NOVA bookstores.
  • NOVA Speakers Directory 2007-2008 is a handy guide that lists more than 50 faculty and staff members who are eager to share their knowledge and interests with members of the community.
  • Alumni Recognition / NOVA 1st Program is a plan that identifies lost alumni and adds their names and pertinent information to the NOVA Alumni Database so that the College may re-establish contact with our former students. They feature NOVA 1st alumni in their publications and at College events and produce a special booklet of NOVA 1st profiles.
  • Career Services is a NOVA service that will help you explore, develop and set goals related to your career and educational needs; make effective career decisions and obtain employment. You will have the ability to assess your interests, skills, preferences, values and strengths; investigate the world of work through research, internships, cooperative education and volunteer opportunities; and learn job searching tools and strategies such as writing resumes and interviewing successfully.