Below you will find descriptions of the courses that we offer here at the Alexandria Campus. Please visit the Photography faculty home pages for additional information and syllabi.

PHT 100 Introduction to Photography

PHT 101 Photography I

PHT 102
Photography II

PHT 110
History of Photography

PHT 130 Video I


PHT 131 Video II


PHT 135 Electronic Darkroom

PHT 201
Advanced Photography I

PHT 202 Advanced Photography II


PHT 206 Large Format Photography

PHT 221
Studio Lighting I


PHT 222 Studio Lighting II


PHT 227 Photographic Careers

PHT 231

PHT 235 Documentary Photography

PHT 270
Digital Imaging I

PHT 271
Digital Imaging II

PHT274 Digital Film Editing and Post Production


PHT 299 Supervised Study