Spring 2014 CHM 112 Laboratory Schedule (Tentative, subject to change)

 Week of
 Experiment / Activity handout
 Grading Rubric
 Jan 13
 No Labs, Math Review Assigned
  Math review Rubric
 Jan 20
 No Labs
 Jan 27
  Review of safety,
 Safety Rules
, Safety presentation
*Every student MUST attend this safety lecture
 Math review due
 Feb 3
 Lewis Structures
 Lewis Structures Rubric
 Feb 10
 Excel Instructions
 Excel Instructions (Office 2007)
  Graphing with Excel handout
  Graphing with excel demonstration (a video)

  Graphing with Excel Rubric

 Feb 17
 Molar mass by freezing point depression
 Molar mass by FP Depression Rubric
 Feb 24
 Iodine Clock reaction (Data Collection)
 Iodine Clock Rubric
 Mar 3
 Iodine Clock reaction (Calculations)

 Mar 10
 Mar 17
  Determination of Equilibrium constant
 Equilibrium constant Rubric
 Mar 24
 LeChatelier's Principle
 LeChatelier principle Rubric
 Mar 31
 Titration of a solid acid
 Titration of a solid acid Rubric
 Apr 7
  Hydrolysis and Buffers
 Hydrolysis and Buffers Rubric
 Apr 14
  Determination of Pka of a weak acid prelab
  pka of a weak acid lab handout
  pKa of a weak acid rubric
 Apr 21
 Enthalpy of Neutralization  Enthalpy of neutralization Rubric
 Apr 28
 No Labs
 Make up Lab Assignment
 Make up Assignment Rubric