Summer 2014 CHM 111 Laboratory handouts and rubrics

Please check your syllabus for the date on which the experiments are scheduled
  Math review handout , Math review rubric
 Review of Safety*,
  Safety presentation, Safety Rules, Safety agreement (Assumption of Risk form)

 * Every student must attend this safety lecture
  Density and Measurements handout, Density and Measurements rubric
  Physical separations handout, Physical separations rubric
  Chemical Nomenclature
  Empirical formula handout, Empirical formula rubric
  Unlabeled bottles handout, Unlabeled bottles rubric
 Vinegar titration handout, Vinegar titration rubric
  Redox titration handout, Redox titration rubric
  Gases / Gas Laws handout, Gases/Gas Laws Rubric
  Enthalpy of hydration handout, Enthalpy of hydration rubric
  Lewis structures handout, Lewis structures rubric