Spring 2014 CHM 246 Laboratory Schedule (Tentative, Subject to change)

     MSDS - use to find chemical safety hazards and physical properties
   NIST Chemical Search - use to find chemical structures and spectra
Date Laboratory Activities Post Labs Relevant Links
Jan 15 No Lab    
Jan 29 Safety Rules , Safety Agreement
Check In attandance is mandatory
Jan 29 Diels-Alder Reaction IR Unknown Post Lab How to set up a mole table IR tutorial
Feb 5 NMR Workshop (UC Boulder) , Unknowns Assigned   NMR tutorial
Feb 12 Computer Unknown Room 159    
Feb 19 Computer Unknown Test Room 159    
Feb 26 Bromination of Vanillin Post Lab  
Mar 5 Reduction of Benzil Post Lab  
Mar 12 No Lab - Spring Break    
Mar 19 The Hydrophobic Effect Post Lab Monolayer videos
Mar 26 Synthesis of Aspirin
Post Lab  
Apr 2 No Lab    
Apr 9 Synthesis of Fragrant Esters Post Lab extensive list of esters
Apr 16 Oxidation of Cyclohexanol - KVCC Post Lab  
Apr 23 Aldol Synthesis Post Lab  
Apr 30 Check Out & Clean Up