Dictionary for Basic and Intermediate Algebra
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Distributive Law
Removing Parenthesis
Evaluation Expression

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Function & Graphs
Word Problems
Geometric Formulas
Metric English Systems

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Purpose This dictionary is intended to help you to understand basic concepts in Math with the help of illustrations as well as examples. It also provides you with information on how to use rules, properties and theorems in solving the related problems.
How to use this dictionary To find a mathematical word click on the appropriate letter on the top menu bar. All words listed on the same letter page are in alphabetical order. Click table of content for related topics such as completing the square, equation with absolute values, equation with radicals, evaluating expressions, exponential equations, factoring polynomial, fraction, functions, geometric formulas, inequalities with absolute values, LCD or LCM, linear equation, linear inequality, log or exponent, metric in English system, non-linear inequalities, quadratic equations, removing parenthesis, system of linear equations, system of linear inequalities, word problems, distributive laws, etc. in algebra; and limit, continuity, derivative and application in calculus.
Authors Dr. Amy Wang and Dr. Oscar Schiappacasse at NVCC, Alexandria Campus
Acknowledge We give special thanks to Mr. Eddy Revollo for his assistance on the technology side of putting together this web site.

This dictionary is still under construction. Your comment and suggestion are most welcome, please email us at
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