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LCD is the abbreviation for Lowest Common Denominator, the smallest integer, or polynomial of lowest degree, that is divisible by each denominator.  LCD.


LCM is the abbreviation for least common multiple, the smallest number or polynomial of lowest degree that is divisible by all of a given set of numbers or polynomials.


A measure of distance.


A measure of an arc of a curve.

Light year

A unit of distance in astronomy, equal to the distance travelled by light (in a vacuum) in one year. 1 year light wpe18.jpg (2187 bytes)


A line is a set of points in the plane satisfying an equation of  the form ax+by+c = 0 , where a, b, & c are any constants; and a and b are not both zero.  The equation of a non-vertical line has the following equivalent forms:
Slope-intercept form
:    y = mx + b , has slope m and cuts the y-axis at point (0,b)
Point-slope form:
  wpe19.jpg (1228 bytes), has slope m passing through point wpe1B.jpg (985 bytes).
wpe1A.jpg (1177 bytes), intercept on x-axis at (a,0) and the y-axis at(0,b)
linear problems

Line segment

Any portion of a line.

Long division

An algorithm for division.


For , the log to the base b of x, is the function which associates to each positive number x, the corresponding exponent y satisfying , which is equivalent to , i.e., the log to the base b of x is the exponent to which b must be raised in order to obtain x and thus we have
Logarithmic functions obey certain rules:

The log to the base 10 is called common logarithm and is written as .
 The log to the base e (2.71828182...) is called natural logarithm and is written as .

A Scientific Calculator provides you common and natural logarithm of almost any positive number.

Logarithmic laws
Logarithmic equations
Exponential equations


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