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The branch of mathematics concerned with the properties of space and of the figure in space. Euclidean plane geometry is mainly concern with point, lines, circles, polygons, polyhedron, and conic sections.


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The weight unit in the metric system. One gram is the weight of the water that fills a box with volume one cubic centimeter. Measuring system


A graph is a drawing which shows the relationship between the coordinates x and y of points for a given function.  For example, the graph of  y = x2 and a table showing five ordered pairs of the equation, (1, 1), (2, 22), (3, 32 ), (4, 42), and (5, 52), are shown below, where y is taking the value of x squared. 

Greatest Common Factor (GCF)

The GCF of a list of integers is the largest integer that is a factor to all integers on the list. This concept can be extended to polynomials.


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