Physics Laboratory
Safety Rules

The following regulations will be enforced. You will be asked to sign a statement indicating that you have received the OSHA basic training and have received, read, and understood the laboratory safety rules.

  1. No student will be permitted in the laboratory without an instructor . No visitors are permitted.
  2. All experiments must be approved by the instructor.
  3. Eating and drinking are not permitted in the laboratory.
  4. Soft contact lenses must not be worn in the laboratory. Eye damage may occur.
  5. Laboratory aprons are provided and must be worn during the laboratory. Safety goggles must be worn for specific experiments and student must purchase their own goggles!!!
  6. All aisles in the laboratory must be kept open at all times. Personal belongings should be kept below the table and out of the working area.
  7. Know the locations and operational details of all laboratory emergency safety equipment and evacuation routes.
  8. Report all unsafe conditions, unusual odors and personal injuries to the instructor or a staff member immediately.
  9. Leave your lab bench as you found it. With the equipment neatly placed at the end of the table nearest the center aisle. The bench should be free of scraps of paper, pencils, etc.
  10. Stay out of restricted areas.
  11. Observe the warning sign on the door of the prep room.
  12. Carefully follow all instructions from instructors and laboratory staff.
  13. Persons not following these rules will be asked to leave the laboratory.
  14. Material data sheets are located in the prep room and are available to anyone who wishes to read them. A copy of the Alexandria Campus Hazard Communication Plan is on file in the science prep room and is available to any who would like to read it

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