Upon completion of Communication Design or Interactive Design specialization curriculum (two years of classes), as described in the college catalog, a student receives an Associate in Applied Science degree. The curriculum is designed for individuals who seek full-time employment in the communication design field. We also offer a Career Studies Certificate for Web Design Specialist and a Multimedia Design Certificate.

Current Class Schedule

Curriculum codes and links to catalog descriptions are:

Be sure the correct curriculum code for your field of study appears on your records. You may have more than one listed. An example would be a triple major:

5110 Communication Design
5113 Interactive Design
5300 Fine Arts

If you do not see the correct code in your records, go to your Counseling & Academic Advising Center and ask to have the correct code entered into your records.

All faculty are available for advising. You should choose a faculty advisor now, if you don't already have one! Please contact any faculty member to schedule an appointment.