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Welcome to the Sociology Program at NOVA's Alexandria Campus.

Sociology is the study of human interactions, groups, institutions and the underlying patterns that guide our lives. We explore the everyday, “taken-for-granted,” as the result of historical and current processes that give our lives meaning and structure. The discipline allows students to engage in critical thinking by cultivating a sociological imagination, a way to see the world from different perspectives. Areas of study include culture, socialization, race, gender, class and institutions such as education, family, politics and media.

Sociology Department

We offer classes from the introductory level to specialized classes in race, gender and family studies. Most sociology classes satisfy the social science requirements for the various degrees at NOVA.

Psychology Faculty

The sociology faculty are highly educated and come from a variety of specialties. The faculty are dedicated teachers and committed to student success. They frequently involve students in research and field projects related to classes.