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Social and Professional Sciences Division

The Social & Professional Sciences Division helps guide students to professional licenses and degrees through social sciences programs.

Ivy BeringerWelcome to the Social & Professional Sciences Division at NOVA's Alexandria Campus. Our faculty, staff and administration wish you a very successful and exciting college experience!

The Social and Professional Sciences Division provides course and program offerings in the social sciences (economics, geography, political science, psychology, social science and sociology) and the areas of administration of justice, automotive/auto body technology, business (accounting, administrative services, business management, financial services, contracting, marketing and real estate), early childhood development and education, information technologies, legal and substance abuse counseling.  

Courses are offered in a variety of modalities (face-to-face, hybrid and online) to meet the scheduling and learning preferences of our diverse student body. Our world-class faculty possess remarkable credentials and create active and engaging learning experiences that meet industry standards and optimize student learning outcomes.

The faculty and division staff members provide support for you in your academic pursuits. I encourage you to become familiar with and use the college’s resources and services such as the Writing Center and our free tutoring services. Your designated faculty advisor will meet with you periodically to help ensure that you meet your education and career goals. Additionally, NOVA offers students the opportunity to be involved in a variety of student activities and clubs.

We look forward to getting to know you and helping you on your career path. “Start Strong, Finish Stronger!”

Dr. Ivy Beringer, Dean
Social & Professional Sciences Division


Administration and Staff

Dr. Ivy Beringer
703.575.4722 iberinger@nvcc.edu
Dr. Steve Ward
Lead Assistant Dean
703.933.8084 sward@nvcc.edu
Nighat Sabir
Office Manager/ Administrative Assistant to the Dean
703.845.6250 nsabir@nvcc.edu
Diana Cifuentes
Administrative Assistant
703.845.6302 dcifuentes@nvcc.edu

Accounting / Business Management & Administration / Contract Management / Finance / Marketing

Rieann Spence-Gale
Assistant Dean
703.845.6534 rspencegale@nvcc.edu
Raymond Cook 703.845.6540 raycook@nvcc.edu
James Gale 703.845.6537 nvgalej@nvcc.edu
Mohammad Kabir Jamal 703.845.6554 mjamal@nvcc.edu
Pamela Parker 703.845.6547 phparker@nvcc.edu
Stephen Suetterlein 703.845.6536 ssuetterlein@nvcc.edu
Kim Bechler (adjunct) 703.575.4722 kbechler@nvcc.edu
Kenneth Bullock, Jr. (adjunct) 703.575.4722  kbullock@nvcc.edu
Herb Chubin (adjunct) 703.575.4722  hchubin@nvcc.edu
Larry Edwards (adjunct) 703.575.4722  ledwards@nvcc.edu
Nora Gamboa (adjunct) 703.575.4722  ngamboa@nvcc.edu
Thomas Gentile (adjunct) 703.575.4722  tgentile@nvcc.edu
Mona Hawkins (adjunct) 703.575.4722  mhawkins@nvcc.edu
Linda Herbert (adjunct) 703.575.4722  lherbert@nvcc.edu
Charles Horan (adjunct) 703.575.4722  choran@nvcc.edu
Mohamed Kargbo (adjunct) 703.575.4722  mkargbo@nvcc.edu
Amanda Petersen (adjunct) 703.575.4722  apeterson@nvcc.edu
Renea Ramos (adjunct) 703.575.4722  rramos@nvcc.edu
Kristin Shriver (adjunct) 703.575.4722 kshriver@nvcc.edu
Alex Tessema (adjunct) 703.575.4722  atessema@nvcc.edu
Jeff Wade (adjunct) 703.575.4722  jwade@nvcc.edu

Administration of Justice

Timothy Dickinson
Assistant Dean
703.933.8083 tdickinson@nvcc.edu
Dennis Andreas (Adjunct) 703.575.4722 dandreas@nvcc.edu
Jonathan Crews (Adjunct) 703.575.4722 jcrews@nvcc.edu
Monica DiGiandomenico (Adjunct) 703.575.4722 mDiGiandomenico@nvcc.edu
Sharnee Eure (adjunct) 703.575.4722 seure@nvcc.edu
Kevrain Ford (adjunct) 703.575.4722  keford@nvcc.edu
William Johnson (adjunct) 703.575.4722  wpjohnson@nvcc.edu
Tamara Lewis-Jones (Adjunct) 703.575.4722 tlewisjones@nvcc.edu
Joseph Rosboschil (adjunct) 703.575.4722  jrosboschil@nvcc.edu
Carlyn Shirer (Adjunct) 703.575.4722 cshirer@nvcc.edu
Albert Tierney (Adjunct) 703.575.4722  atierney@nvcc.edu

Automotive/Auto Body

Geoffrey Brown
Assistant Dean
703.845.6475 gbrown@nvcc.edu
Keith Brown
GM ASEP Program Head
703.845.4623 keibrown@nvcc.edu
Reginald Bennett 703.845.6523 rbennett@nvcc.edu
Laura Garcia-Moreyra 703.933.8375 lgarciamoreyra@nvcc.edu
Russell Taylor 703.845.6190 rutaylor@nvcc.edu
Warren Barbee (AUB, adjunct) 703.575.4722 wbarbee@nvcc.edu
Rob Cash (adjunct) 703.575.4722 rcash@nvcc.edu
Sandy Garrett (adjunct) 703.575.4722 sgarrett@nvcc.edu
Anthony Gray (adjunct) 703.575.4722 agray@nvcc.edu
Douglas Hinken (adjunct) 703.575.4722 dhinken@nvcc.edu
Kobe Jackson (adjunct) 703.575.4722 kjackson@nvcc.edu

Childhood Development/Early Childhood Education

Dr. Christine Schull
Assistant Dean
703.845.6224 cschull@nvcc.edu
Pam Blankenship (adjunct) 703.575.4722 pblankenship@nvcc.edu
Sherry Chevalley (adjunct) 703.575.4722 schevalley@nvcc.edu
Stephanie Cunningham (adjunct) 703.575.4722 scunningham@nvcc.edu
Virginia Holloway (adjunct) 703.575.4722 vholloway@nvcc.edu
Ana Hoover (adjunct) 703.575.4722 ahoover@nvcc.edu
Nancy Hoyler (adjunct) 703.575.4722 nhoyler@nvcc.edu
Amy Johnson (adjunct) 703.575.4722 ajohnson@nvcc.edu
Shelley Keith (adjunct) 703.575.4722 skeith@nvcc.edu
Trista Mason (adjunct) 703.575.4722 tmason@nvcc.edu
Kristine Ruscello (adjunct) 703.575.4722 kruscello@nvcc.edu
Yvonne Spencer (adjunct) 703.575.4722 yspencer@nvcc.edu


Dr. Jack Lechelt
Assistant Dean
703.933.3970 jlechelt@nvcc.edu
Dr. John Min 703.933.1846 jmin@nvcc.edu
Dr. Naveen Sarna 703.845.6572 nsarna@nvcc.edu
Sameera Ahmed (adjunct) 703.575.4722 sahmed@nvcc.edu
Jay Berman (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jberman@nvcc.edu
Dr. Nathaniel Clarke (adjunct) 703.575.4722 naclarke@nvcc.edu
Dr. Doug Eckley (adjunct) 703.575.4722 deckley@nvcc.edu
Kaya Ford (adjunct) 703.575.4722 kford@nvcc.edu
Michael Laub (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mlaub@nvcc.edu
Nicolas Pologeorgis (adjunct) 703.575.4722 npologeorgis@nvcc.edu


Dr. Jack Lechelt
Assistant Dean
703.933.3970 jlechelt@nvcc.edu
Dr. Melinda Alexander 703.933.5087 malexander@nvcc.edu
David Miller (adjunct) 703.575.4722 damiller@nvcc.edu

Human Services (Substance Abuse Counseling)

Chandell Miller
Assistant Dean
703.575.4710 cbmiller@nvcc.edu
Kimberley Berlin (adjunct) 703.575.4722 kberlin@nvcc.edu
Joseph Chodkiewicz (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jchodkiewicz@nvcc.edu
John-Mike Nelson (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jnelson@nvcc.edu
Joan Normandy-Dolber (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jdolber@nvcc.edu

Information Technology

Dr. Teba Aljumaili
Assistant Dean
703.993.5086 taljumaili@nvcc.edu
Dr. Afsaneh Chamlou 703.845.6552 achamlou@nvcc.edu
Edward Delean 703.845.6141 edelean@nvcc.edu
George Gonchar 703.845.6545 ggonchar@nvcc.edu
Dr. Hatim Hussein 703.933.8335 hshussein@nvcc.edu
Pablo Ibar 703.845.6555 pribar@nvcc.edu
Dr. Margaret Leary 703.845.6549 mleary@nvcc.edu
Ahmad Noor 703.845.6556 anoor@nvcc.edu
Kevin Reed 703.933.3941 kreed@nvcc.edu
Dr. Ali Soleymani 703.845.6544 asoleymani@nvcc.edu
Neal Stenlund 703.845.6331 nstenlund@nvcc.edu
Dr. Steve Ward
Lead Assistant Dean
703.933.8084 sward@nvcc.edu
Ryan Ammons (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jammons@nvcc.edu
Nasir Ayoub (adjunct) 703.575.4722 nayoub@nvcc.edu
Marouane Balmakhtar (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mbalmakhtar@nvcc.edu
Johnson Chen (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jchen@nvcc.edu
Ponkos Das (adjunct) 703.575.4722 adas@nvcc.edu
Alan Golombek (adjunct) 703.575.4722 agolombek@nvcc.eduu
James Jolley (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jjolley@nvcc.edu
Jason McHuen (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jmchuen@nvcc.edu
Walter Okon (adjunct) 703.575.4722 wokon@nvcc.edu
Ahmed Said (adjunct) 703.575.4722 asaid@nvcc.edu
Jamal Said (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jsaid@nvcc.edu
Vincent Sritapan (adjunct) 703.575.4722 vsritapan@nvcc.edu
Joseph Walker (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jwalker@nvcc.edu
Kelly Yamaguchi (adjunct) 703.575.4722 kyamaguchi@nvcc.edu
Ahmad Al-Fakhri (adjunct) 703.575.4722 aalfakhri@nvcc.edu
Mary Slaey (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mslaey@nvcc.edu


Joyce McMillan, J.D.
Assistant Dean, Paralegal
703.845.4601 jmcmillan@nvcc.edu
Kelly Hebron, J.D. 703.845.6277 khebron@nvcc.edu
Melony Ellinger (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mellinger@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Carroll-Foy (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jcarroll@nvcc.edu
Janet Fiorentino (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jfiorentiono@nvcc.edu
Cecilia Galloway (adjunct) 703.575.4722 cgalloway@nvcc.edu
Edneka Haynes (adjunct) 703.575.4722 elhaynes@nvcc.edu
Maureen Meyer (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mmeyer@nvcc.edu
Angela Moore (adjunct) 703.575.4722 amoore@nvcc.edu

Political Science

Dr. Jack Lechelt
Assistant Dean
703.933.3970 jlechelt@nvcc.edu
Marius Ratolojanahary (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mratolojanahary@nvcc.edu
Richard Stark Jr. (adjunct) 703.575.4722 rstark@nvcc.edu


Dr. Elizabeth Lanthier 
Assistant Dean
703.933.3969 elanthier@nvcc.edu
Dr. Amy Coren 703.845.6047 acoren@nvcc.edu
Dominique Hubbard 703.933.6575 dhubbard@nvcc.edu
Dr. Carolyn Lorente   703.993.5080 clorente@nvcc.edu
Edward Andrews (adjunct) 703.575.4722 eandrews@nvcc.edu
Dr. Charles Barrett (adjunct) 703.575.4722 cbarrett@nvcc.edu
Dr. Adrian Bruce (adjunct) 703.575.4722 abruce@nvcc.edu
Carlyn Butcher (adjunct) 703.575.4722 cbutcher@nvcc.edu
Matthew Clasen (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mclasen@nvcc.edu
Gerivonni Darden (adjunct) 703.575.4722 gdarden@nvcc.edu
Dr. Andrea Hogarth (adjunct) 703.575.4722 ahogarth@nvcc.edu
Marcella Marcey (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mmarcey@nvcc.edu
Charles Ricker (adjunct) 703.575.4722 cricker@nvcc.edu
Dr. Lauren Simmons (adjunct) 703.575.4722 lksimmons@nvcc.edu
Dr. Jennifer Shultz (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jshultz@nvcc.edu
Jennie Whitlock (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jwhitlock@nvcc.edu
Christine Yeannakis (adjunct) 703.575.4722 cyeannakis@nvcc.edu


Dr. Elizabeth Lanthier 
Assistant Dean
703.933.3969 elanthier@nvcc.edu
Dr. Nicole Hindert 703.845.6577 nhindert@nvcc.edu
Dr. Connie Elsberg (adjunct) 703.575.4722 celsberg@nvcc.edu
Sheri Nayeri (adjunct) 703.575.4722 snayeri@nvcc.edu
Ralph Perrino (adjunct) 703.575.4722 rperrino@nvcc.edu
Arturo Politano (adjunct) 703.575.4722 apolitano@nvcc.edu
Jason Smith (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jassmith@nvcc.edu