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Mathematics, Science and Engineering Division

The purpose of the Mathematics, Science and Engineering Division is to develop student's academic competence to enable success in higher education and in the workplace.

Welcome to the division of Mathematics, Science and Engineering at the Alexandria Campus.

Whether you are preparing yourself to enter the workforce, getting ready to transfer to a 4-year university, exploring a personal interest, looking to update your skill sets or even changing career paths, the division of Math, Science & Engineering (MSE) on the Alexandria Campus of NOVA is a great place to start. The MSE division boasts outstanding teaching faculty and career advisors, one of a kind research and field opportunities and a wide-variety of other resources intent on helping all of our students achieve their goals.

The MSE division is focused on promoting student success and preparing our students for the increasingly competitive workforce and educational environment. Our Award-winning teaching faculty work to inspire their students beyond their goals and provide a diverse set of learning opportunities to engage all students. To gain from their experience and dedication I invite you to look for courses taught through the MSE division on the Alexandria campus listed below.

The MSE division is proud to offer a number of full Honor courses in Biology and Math and has developed a number of research opportunities through the work of the Dr. Todd Tupper (BIO), Dr. Christine Bozarth (BIO/ENV) and Dr. David Fernandez (BIO). This team now leads several undergraduate student research projects that over the last several years have led to NOVA students being published in peer reviewed journals. We also invite students to visit our new Science Resource Center (SRC). This student center is equipped with state-of-the art learning spaces and equipment/materials to support student success and learning in all lab-based science course.

The outstanding work of the faculty in the MSE division also extends outside the classroom. All MSE faculty maintain expertise in their professional disciplines allowing them to serve an invaluable role in advising students along their career paths. Among others, the MSE division offers pre-med/pre-dent advising, pre-nursing and allied health advising, A.S. in Science and Computer Science advising and advising for engineering, architecture and construction management students. For a complete list of advisors please select the “Faculty Advisors’ tab below.

There are a number of amazing opportunities waiting for you at the Alexandria campus in the MSE division. Please come pay us a visit and we are happy to start you on your way!

Faculty / Staff

Administration and Staff

Dr. Chad Knights
703.845.6551 cknights@nvcc.edu
Margaret Emblom-Callahan
Lead Assistant Dean
703.845.6517 memblomcallahan@nvcc.edu
Coreda Clark
Office Manager
703.845.6551 cmclark@nvcc.edu
Karen Schwartz
Assistant to the Dean
703.845.6220 kaschwartz@nvcc.edu
Endia Holmes

Admin. & Office Specialist (daytime) (evenings and weekends)
703.845.4621 eholmes@nvcc.edu
Ekram Abdella
Admin. & Office Specialist (daytime P-14)
703.845.4621 eabdella@nvcc.edu

Architecture and Building Sciences (Engineering/Construction Management)

S. Michael Ghorbanian
Assistant Dean, Building Sciences
703.845.6265 sghorbanian@nvcc.edu
Harvey Liebman
Assistant Dean, Architecture
703.845.6530 hliebman@nvcc.edu
James Konnick, Engineering 703.933.8334 jkonnick@nvcc.edu
Amy Richardson ajrichardson@nvcc.edu
Paul (Tracy) Wright, Construction Management 703.933.8365 pwright@nvcc.edu
Hamideh Alehossein (adjunct) halehossein@nvcc.edu
Renzo Carlin (adjunct) rcarlin@nvcc.edu
Peter Henry (adjunct) phenry@nvcc.edu
Colwin Jacob (adjunct) cjacob@nvcc.edu
Kamal Kamal (adjunct) kkamal@nvcc.edu
Ahmadreza Kashani (adjunct) akashani@nvcc.edu
David Lehman (adjunct) dlehman@nvcc.edu
Daniel Priest (adjunct) dpriest@nvcc.edu
Steven Reynolds (adjunct) sreynolds@nvcc.edu
Girolamo Squarciafico (adjunct) gsquarciafico@nvcc.edu
Peter Whitehead (adjunct) pwhitehead@nvcc.edu

Biology/Natural Sciences/Environmental Sciences

Kimberly Rutledge
Assistant Dean
703.845.6518 krutledge@nvcc.edu
Christine Bozarth 703.933.8066 cbozarth@nvcc.edu
Nicole Cintas 703.845.6004 ncintas@nvcc.edu
Margaret Emblom-Callahan 703.845.6517 memblomcallahan@nvcc.edu
David Fernandez 703.845.6522 dfernandez@nvcc.edu
Michelle Gaston 703.845.6282 mgaston@nvcc.edu
Meredith Kintzing mkintzing@nvcc.edu
Hong Nguyen 703.845.6506 honguyen@nvcc.edu
Charles Pumpuni 703.845.6519 cpumpuni@nvcc.edu
Corinna Rupert 703.933.8064 crupert@nvcc.edu
Getachew Teferra (blog) 703.845.6546 gteferra@nvcc.edu
Todd Tupper 703.845.6508 ttupper@nvcc.edu
Susan Williams 703.845.6557 suwilliams1@nvcc.edu
Izanne Zorin 703.845.6528 izorin@nvcc.edu
Kwabena Aduse-Poku (adjunct) kadusepoku@nvcc.edu
Joyce Crane Cordes (adjunct) jcordes@nvcc.edu
Jerri Cupero (adjunct) jcupero@nvcc.edu
Rosa Gallagher (adjunct) rgallagher@nvcc.edu
Kirvin Hodge (adjunct) khodge@nvcc.edu
Kristen Hoefke (adjunct) khoefke@nvcc.edu
Idris Hooper (adjunct) ihooper@nvcc.edu
McDonald Horne (adjunct) mhorne@nvcc.edu
Michelle Klein (adjunct) mklein@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Kraske (adjunct) ekraske@nvcc.edu
Andrew Lee (adjunct) ajlee@nvcc.edu
Cindy Luongo (adjunct) cluongo@nvcc.edu
Hongmei Ma (adjunct) hma@nvcc.edu
Bekele Mamo (adjunct) bmamo@nvcc.edu
Antinoya Marinova-Doynova (adjunct) amdoynova@nvcc.edu
Muffarah Marr (adjunct) mmarr@nvcc.edu
Suman Mukherjee (adjunct) smukherjee@nvcc.edu
Milton Muldrow (adjunct) mmuldrow@nvcc.edu
Anm Rahman (adjunct) arahman@nvcc.edu
Kedir Seid (adjunct) kseid@nvcc.edu
Terri Snyder (adjunct) tsnyder@nvcc.edu
Shawn Stickler (adjunct) sstickler@nvcc.edu
Gerald Stokes (adjunct) gstokes@nvcc.edu
Theodros Tadese (adjunct) ttadese@nvcc.edu
Lan Wang (adjunct) lawang@nvcc.edu
Rokhila Zakirova (adjunct) rzakirova@nvcc.edu


Dr. Katherine Burton
Assistant Dean
703.845.6505 kburton@nvcc.edu
Dr. Monica Feazell 703.845.4627 mfeazell@nvcc.edu
Dr. Dana Horoszewski 703.845.6002 dhoroszewski@nvcc.edu
John Vanderson 703.845.6504 jvanderson@nvcc.edu
Dr. Sad Ahamed (adjunct) sahamed@nvcc.edu
Dr. Dora Ekiko (adjunct) dekiko@nvcc.edu
Daniela Helou (adjunct) dhelou@nvcc.edu
Evan Hudspeth (adjunct) ehudspeth@nvcc.edu
Dr. Daniel Lowy (adjunct) dlowy@nvcc.edu
Dr. Brian Pate (adjunct) bpate@nvcc.edu

Computer Science

Emilia Butu
Assistant Dean
703.845.6314 ebutu@nvcc.edu
Abrom Cooper (adjunct) acooper@nvcc.edu
Kamal Kamal (adjunct) kkamal@nvcc.edu
Boubacar Maiga (adjunct) bmaiga@nvcc.edu
Gita Pippin (adjunct) gpippin@nvcc.edu @nvcc.edu
Sandra Perez (adjunct) sperez@nvcc.edu


Dr. Victor Zabielski
Assistant Dean
703.845.6507 vzabielski@nvcc.edu
Joseph Marx (trainer/instructor) 703.845.4605 jmarx@nvcc.edu
Thomas Doggett (adjunct) tdoggett@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Doyle (adjunct) edoyle@nvcc.edu
Christopher Khourey (adjunct) ckhourey@nvcc.edu
Peter Kranz (adjunct) pkranz@nvcc.edu
Marla Morales (adjunct) mmorales@nvcc.edu
Laurie Martin-Vermilyeah (adjunct) lvermilyeah@nvcc.edu


N. Vaden Fitton
Assistant Dean
703.845.6516 vfitton@nvcc.edu
Essma Haddam 703.845.6268 ehaddam@nvcc.edu
Aissata Haidara 703.845.4621 ahaidara@nvcc.edu
Maryam Hanif 703.845.6558 mhanif@nvcc.edu
Neha Jain 703.845.6515 njain@nvcc.edu
Matthew Konicki 703.845.6525 mkonicki@nvcc.edu
Dr. Alexander Krantsberg 703.845.6548 akrantsberg@nvcc.edu
Lawrence Stark 703.845.6521 lstark@nvcc.edu
Biniyam Tibebu 703.845.6341 btibebu@nvcc.edu
Snejana Topalova 703.845.6003 stopalova@nvcc.edu
Dr. Bruce Wahl 703.845.6342 bwahl@nvcc.edu
Dr. Amy Wang 703.845.6524 awang@nvcc.edu
Kathleen Yan  703.933.5047 kyan@nvcc.edu
Victoria Addei (adjunct) vaddei@nvcc.edu
Javier Gomez (adjunct) jgomez@nvcc.edu
Sandra Hatch (adjunct) shatch@nvcc.edu
Lorraine Johnson (adjunct) ljohnson@nvcc.edu
John Kelley (adjunct) jkelley@nvcc.edu
Jaydeb Maji (adjunct) jmaji@nvcc.edu
Aaron McInturff (adjunct) amcinturff@nvcc.edu
Marcia Murday (adjunct) mmurday@nvcc.edu
Gita Pippin (adjunct) gpippin@nvcc.edu
Kishore Pradhan (adjunct) kpradhan@nvcc.edu
Joseph Quarcoo (adjunct) jquarcoo@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Soult (adjunct) jsoult@nvcc.edu
Xueting Tong (adjunct) xtong@nvcc.edu
Paul Wasik (adjunct) pwasik@nvcc.edu
Madelyn Windley (adjunct) mwindley@nvcc.edu
Rodney Wyrick (adjunct) rwyrick@nvcc.edu
Isaac Zawolo (adjunct) izawolo@nvcc.edu

Physical Education

Richard Steele
Assistant Dean
703.845.4607 rsteele@nvcc.edu
Gail Freedman 703.933.3957 gfreedman@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Black (adjunct) eblack@nvcc.edu
Nichole Danraj (adjunct) ndanraj@nvcc.edu
Clare Davidson (adjunct) cdavidson@nvcc.edu
Beth Elliott (adjunct) belliott@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Espinoza (adjunct) jespinoza@nvcc.edu
Alan Golombek (adjunct) agolombek@nvcc.edu
Gerald Greenlaw (adjunct) ggreenlaw@nvcc.edu
Andrea Maunz (adjunct) amaunz@nvcc.edu
Tia Moore (adjunct) tmoore@nvcc.edu
Patrese Nesbitt (adjunct) pnesbitt@nvcc.edu
Erica Russell (adjunct) erussell@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Sisel (adjunct) esisel@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Spatz (adjunct) espatz@nvcc.edu
Mrowka Stephen (adjunct) smrowka@nvcc.edu
Susan Thompson (adjunct) 703.823.3235 spthompson@nvcc.edu
LauRae Upchurch (adjunct) lupchurch@nvcc.edu


Dr. Tatiana Stantcheva
Assistant Dean
703.845.6514 tstantcheva@nvcc.edu
Dr. Walter Wimbush 703.845.6526 wwimbush@nvcc.edu
Dr. David Blackwell (adjunct) dblackwell@nvcc.edu
Dr. Cathy Bunge (adjunct) cbunge@nvcc.edu
Dr. Sugata Chowdhury (adjunct) schowdhury@nvcc.edu
Dr. Bong Jae Chung (adjunct) bchung@nvcc.edu
Dr. Anthony Moscati (adjunct) amoscati@nvcc.edu
Faculty Advisors
NameEmailPhone numberRoom
Allied Health/Nursing /Pre-Med
Hong Nguyenmn (A-H) honguyen@nvcc.edu 703.845.6506 AA 352
Kimberly Rutledge (I-P) krutledge@nvcc.edu 703.845.6518 AA 352
Mercedeh “Mercy” Sheik (R-Z) msheikholvo@nvcc.edu 703.933.8065 AA 352
Harvey Liebman
Assist. Dean
hliebman@nvcc.edu 703.845.6530 AA 352
Margaret Emblom-Callahan
Assist. Dean
memblomcallahan@nvcc.edu 703-845-6517 AA 352
Christine Bozarth (ENV/Environmental Science) (A-C) cbozarth@nvcc.edu 703.845.8066 AA 352
Nicole Cintas (D-F) ncintas@nvcc.edu 703.845.6004 AA 352
David Fernandez (G-I) dfernandez@nvcc.edu AA 352
Leslie Orzetti (J-L) lorzettigollhofer@nvcc.edu AA 352
Charles Pumpuni (M-O) cpumpuni@nvcc.edu 703.845.6519 AA 352
Corinna Rupert (P) crupert@nvcc.edu 703.845.8064 AA 352
Getachew Teferra (Q-S) gteferra@nvcc.edu 703.845.6546 AA 352
Todd Tupper (T-V) ttupper@nvcc.edu 703.845.6508 AA 352
Izanne Zorin (W-Z) izorin@nvcc.edu 703.845.6528 AA 352
Corinna Rupert crupert@nvcc.edu 703.845.8064 AA 352
Katherine Burton
Assist. Dean
kburton@nvcc.edu 703.845.6505 AA 352
Monica Feazell mfeazell@nvcc.edu 703-845-4627 AA 352
Dana Horoszewski dhoroszewski@nvcc.edu 703.845.6002 AA 352
Computer Science
Emilia Butu
Assist. Dean
ebutu@nvcc.edu 703.845.6516 AA 352
Vaden Fitton vfitton@nvcc.edu 703.845.6516 AA 352
Construction Management
Mike Ghorbanian
Assist. Dean
sghorbanian@nvcc.edu 703.845.6265 AA 352
Paul “Tracy” Wright pwright@nvcc.edu 703.845.6265 AA 352
Civil Engineering/Engineering
Mike Ghorbanian
Assist. Dean
sghorbanian@nvcc.edu 703.845.6265 AA 352
James Konnick jkonnick@nvcc.edu AA 352
Contract Management
Rieann Spence-Gale
Assist. Dean
rspencegale@nvcc.edu 703.845.6534 AA 352
Engineering Tech/Engineering
Mike Ghorbanian
Assist. Dean
sghorbanian@nvcc.edu 703.845.6265 AA 352
Victor Zabielski
Assist. Dean
vzabielski@nvcc.edu 703.845.6507 AA 352
Susan Perkins sperkins@nvcc.edu 703.845.6283 AA 352
Bruce Wahl bwahl@nvcc.edu 703.845.6342 AA 352
Physical Education
Richard Steele
Assist. Dean
rsteele@nvcc.edu 703.845.4607 AA 230
Tatiana Stantcheva
Assist. Dean
tstantcheva@nvcc.edu 703.845.6514 AA 352
Walter Wimbush wwimbush@nvcc.edu 703.845.6526 AA 352
Real Estate
Rieann Spence-Gale
Assist. Dean
rspencegale@nvcc.edu 703.845.6534 AA 352