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Environmental Science Program

The environmental science program is beginning to grow at the Alexandria campus. We started offering General Environmental Science I (ENV 121) in the spring 2012 semester. We now offer General Environmental Science II (ENV 122) as well. ENV 121 and 122 are each 4 credit courses that can be used to satisfy the "Physical or Life Science with Lab" requirements of all non-science majors (General Studies, Business, Liberal Arts, etc.). We hope to offer more environmental science courses in the future. Help us build the program, meet your degree requirements and learn about our environment!


Students sort bones from owl pellets to learn about community diversity in General Environmental Science I (ENV 121).

bones from owl pellets


We learn about agriculture and its effects on the environment in General Environmental Science II (ENV 122). Here, chickens provide the fertilizer for this farm in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. This reduces nutrient runoff from excess fertilizer use that harms the Bay (Photo by Peter Essick).

chickens on the farm


We learn about the importance of biodiversity in General Environmental Science I (ENV 121). These two color morphs of black bears live in the Great Bear Rainforest in NW Canada (Photo by Ian McAllister).

two color morphs of black bears