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Welcome to the Latin Language Program at Northern Virginia Community College. We offer a set of Latin courses to meet the need of those students fulfilling the foreign language requirement for the AA degree at NOVA or transferring to another college for the BA or BS degree. The same courses are also designed for those students studying Latin for their own enjoyment or for those preparing for graduate studies at another college.


Introductory Latin 101-102 is a two-semester sequence preparing the student with no or little previous study of Latin to learn the grammatical structure of the language and basic vocabulary so as to be able to read Latin. Both semesters emphasize grammatical understanding through reading based on ancient Roman authors. 

Intermediate Latin 201-202 is a two-semester sequence increasing the student’s appreciation of the Latin language. Latin 201 normally introduces the student to a variety of ancient Roman authors, but may also include authors from the medieval period and later. Latin 202 often concentrates on one or two specific authors. 

Advanced Readings

We also offer on occasion Latin 198 and Latin 298 to study the writings of a particular author or work. In recent years, we have offered readings from Virgil, Cicero and Abelard.