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Welcome to the Italian Language Program at NOVA's Alexandria Campus!

We offer Italian courses at beginner (ITA 101 and 102) and intermediate levels (ITA 201 and 202) for all who want to learn about the Italian language and culture, perhaps reconnect with Italian relatives, or start studying the language for professional or personal reasons.

The basis for building speaking and comprehension skills will consist of reading and writing and learning and understanding the grammar and mechanics of the Italian language. Starting with ITA 101 and continuing through to ITA 202, you will be able to express yourself in practical, daily situations such as shopping, ordering at a restaurant, asking for directions, telling someone something about you and more.

We offer these courses:

  • ITA 101 Beginning Italian I
  • ITA 102 Beginning Italian II
  • ITA 201 Intermediate Italian I
  • ITA 202 Intermediate Italian II

To register for any of the above classes, please refer to the course catalog.