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ChinaWelcome (Huānyíng) to Chinese Language Program at Northern Virginia Community College. To meet the increasing demand for Chinese language study, we offer a variety of courses ranging from elementary to intermediate levels, and from interest/enrichment courses to advanced special topics courses. At whichever level and for whatever learning purpose, you will find your learning experiences with us both enjoyable and worthwhile.


Students who need to study Chinese so as to fulfill the foreign language requirement for the A.A. degree at NOVA (or to transfer courses to another college with a similar language requirement) are suggested to follow the four-semester study sequence of either CHI101-102 and CHI 201-202, or CHI 121-122 and CHI 201-202 (for those with an interest in learning Chinese character writing in addition to reading). On the other hand, students who want to learn how to speak Chinese for traveling, for communicating with business partners, family members, or Chinese friends, or simply for personal interest and enrichment, are suggested to take CHI 103 and 104. Advanced students may consider taking CHI 298, the special topic course. In the following, you’ll find more detailed introduction about each course mentioned here.

CHI 101-102 (Beginning Chinese)
These two courses will integrate listening, speaking, reading and writing (in Pinyin), through which students will gain basic skills in standard Mandarin Chinese. While a brief introduction will be given to Chinese characters, the major emphasis is on learning to speak and comprehend Mandarin. They may be taken in conjunction with CHI 121-122. Prerequisite for CHI 102 is CHI 101. Lecture 5 hours per week.

CHI 121-122 (Beginning Chinese Reading and Writing)
These two courses introduce reading and writing of Chinese characters and emphasize vocabulary buildup and practice in reading and writing. They may be taken in conjunction with CHI 101-102. Prerequisite for CHI 122 is CHI 121. Lecture 3 hours per week.

CHI 201-202 (Intermediate Chinese)
These two courses offer intensive practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese, with emphasis on developing structure and fluency. Prerequisite for CHI 202 is CHI 201. Lecture 4 hours per week.

CHI 103-104 (Basic Spoken Chinese)
These two courses are conversational courses for students with little or no previous Chinese. The courses will provide students with knowledge of handling routing, high frequency limited interactions and conversation about familiar and common topics. Culture insights and customs introduction will also be an essential part of the course. These two courses do not fulfill foreign language requirement for A.A. degree. Lecture 3 hours per week.

CHI 298 (Special Topics)
The course is designed for students who have already achieved a certain level of language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing of Mandarin Chinese, and want to explore more advanced topics in order to expand their vocabulary and improve their language proficiency. In addition to the textbook, authentic material, such as news, and ads, etc., may be included for listening and reading.