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Co-enrollment Partnerships

"Community colleges like NOVA, working together with nonprofit community-based organizations are demonstrating life transforming college and career advancement outcomes for laid-off and low-wage workers, while also delivering skilled and motivated new workers for employers. Together, community colleges and CBOs can systematically re-align America's workforce system to create new opportunities for workers, employers and entire communities."Robert G. Templin, Jr.
President (Retired), NOVA

ACP’s Community Co-Enrollment partnerships are ongoing collaborations between NOVA and selected non-profit community-based organizations (CBOs) to create gateways to higher education, better jobs and increased earnings for residents of Northern Virginia. These partnerships support the fulfillment of several goals of NOVA’s Gateway to the American Dream: Strategic Vision 2015:

  • Access - Increase access to under-served populations.
  • Partnerships - Develop strategic partnerships to create gateways of opportunity.
  • Leadership - Serve as a catalyst and a leader in developing educational and economic competitiveness.

ACP’s community-based counselors assist non-profit clients with the NOVA matriculation and financial aid processes, and provide ongoing support to co-enrolled students at each CBO partner location. We utilize a case management approach to address barriers often faced by students and community organizations, who are unaware of the many processes involved in applying to college, seeking financial aid and enrolling in courses. Our non-profit and social service network provides wrap-around services, and together we blend our resources to ensure training program completion, a seamless bridge to continued post-secondary attainment, and career success.

Please contact the Co-enrollment CBO partner directly to apply to any of the programs listed below.