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Staff - Libraries

Alexandria | Annandale | ELI | Loudoun | Manassas | Medical Education | Reston | Woodbridge


Name Title Phone Email
Alexandria Campus Library   703.845.6231 (Circulation Desk)
703.845.6456 (Reference Desk)
Annemarie Anderson Instructional Services Librarian
Liaison to: Liberal Arts
Robin Bartley Circulation & Intercampus Loan Specialist 703.845.6032
Bruce Carroll Technology & Circulation Librarian
Liaison to: Liberal Arts
Paul Chapman Collection Development Librarian
Liaison to: Liberal Arts
Kim Gross Program Specialist 703.845.6232
Katie Hoskins Reference Services Librarian
Liaison to: Science, Technology & Business
Michelle Jerney-Davis Serials Specialist 703.845.6034
Vacant Reference Library Specialist
Jane Maddan Circulation Specialist 703.845.6053
Melanie Medina Reference Librarian (part-time) 703.845.6456  
Kevin O’Hagan Reserves & Interlibrary Loan Specialist 703.845.6356
Femila Riguera Collections Specialist (part-time) 703.845.6028
Chris Russell Reference Librarian (part-time) 703.845.6456
Nicole Stancel Acquisitions Specialist 703.845.6017
Matthew Todd Associate Dean, Learning & Technology Resources (Library Director)
Liaison to: Liberal Arts


Name Title Phone Email
Annandale Campus Library

703.323.3128 (Circulation Desk)
703-323-3410 (Reference Desk)
Naimeh Abuel Hawa Acquisitions & Reference Specialist 703.323.3869
Mary Rose Amidjaya Evening Reference Librarian
Liaison to: HIS, PED, SOC, PSY, ADJ & PLS
Diana Aram Technology Librarian 
Liaison to: ART, CST, EDU, ECO, DIT & HLT
Phoebe Brackett Circulation Manager 703.323.3875
Elizabeth Dellavedova Collection Development Librarian
Liaison to: BIO, CHM, FST, GOL, NAS, PHY, ETR & EGR
Heather Darnell Technology & Reference Specialist
Liaison to: MUS, RPK, HRI, PHI & CST (Theater)
vacant Reference & Instruction Librarian
Liaison to: ENG, ESL, Languages, Sign Communication & Adult Returning Students
Bill Fleming Outreach & Reference Services Librarian
Liaison to: HIS, PED, SOC, PSY, ADJ & PLS
Sarah Lawless Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, & Course Reserves Specialist 703.764.5049
Travis Nace Acquisitions, Reference, & Archives Specialist 703.323.3870
Mariam Nasser Circulation & Periodicals Specialist 703.323.3864
Kevin Simons Instruction & Reference Services Librarian
Liaison to: Counseling, ENG, ESL, Foreign Languages & Sign Communication
Carla White Technology & Reference Specialist
Liaison to: ACC, BUS, CSC, IST, REL & MTH
Supie Wolf Circulation & Intercampus Loans Specialist 703.323.3865
Jami Bryan Yazdani Associate Dean for Learning & Technology Resources (Library Director) 703.323.3867


Name Title Phone Email
ELI Library
Heather Blicher Online Learning Librarian 703.503.6225
Joi Jackson Library Specialist II 703.293.8171


Name Title Phone Email
Loudoun Campus Library

703.450.2567 (Circulation Desk)
703.450.2661 (Reference Desk)
Dana Beltran Collection Development Librarian 703.450.2641
Julie Combs Librarian (part-time) 703.450.2661
Marion Karol Circulation Specialist 703.450.2567
Vacant Reference & Instructional Librarian
Anne Lilly Interlibrary Loan, Reference & Circulation Specialist 703.948.7595
Stephanie Hicks-Newby Evening Circulation Specialist (part-time) 703.450.2567
Eliza Selander Librarian (part-time) 703.450.2661
Sybil Stokols Circulation, Intercampus Loan, & Reserves Specialist 703.450.2567
Barbara Tyler Periodicals & Reference Specialist 703.948.7593
Steve Roane Library Specialist 703.948.7736


Name Title Phone Email
Manassas Campus Library 703.257.6640
Chrystie Greges Reference & Collection Development Librarian 703.257.6639
Nathan Mueller Technology & Instruction Librarian 703.257.6564
Rebekah Leitner-Marshall Circulation & Reference Specialist 703.368.1079
Myndi Pruett Circulation, Intercampus Loan & Reference Specialist 703.257.6642
Maureen Townsend Acquisition, Interlibrary Loan & Reference Specialist 703.257.6512
Vacant Library Specialist II
Derrick Forsyth Library Specialist I

Medical Education

Name Title Phone Email
Medical Education Campus Library

Diane Kearney Lead Medical Librarian
Kristin Snawder User Experience Librarian
Andrea McElhenny Collection Management Specialist
Becky Chen Wu Acquisitions Support Specialist 703.822.0014
Technology Specialist


Name Title Phone Email
Steve Roane Library Specialist 703.948.7736


Name Title Phone Email
Hilary Anderson Reference & Instruction Librarian 703.878.5733

Anne Beebe Reference & Instruction Librarian
Liaison to: Communications & Humanities
Kerry Cotter Library Supervisor, Reference and Instruction Librarian
Liaison to: Natural Sciences, Math, & Workforce Development (ACLI) American Culture and Language Institute
Russell Grooms Reference & Instruction Librarian
Liaison to: Business, Social Sciences, & Workforce Development (ACLI) American Culture
Taslima Khatun
Circulation Specialist 703.878.5733
Stephanie Sharkey Circulation Specialist 703.878.5733
Karen Williams Circulation & Reserves Specialist 703.878.5733