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Recommendation form

The purpose of this form is to make recommendations for items to be included in the NOVA Library Collection. For information on how the collection development decisions are made, please refer to NOVA's Collection Development Policy.

When filling out the form below, please provide as much information as possible.
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*Campus for Recommendation:


*Title and Author or Description of Item(s) Requested (For example: "Moby Dick by Herman Melville" or "Videos on World Religions.

ISBN or ISSN if know or available:

If this item is for a specific course, please specify which one. (For example: TRV 100)

Alexandria 703.845.6231 
Annandale  703.323.3410 
ELI   703.764.5083 
Loudoun  703.450.2567 
Manassas  703.257.6640 
MEC  703.822.6684 
Reston  703.948.7736 
Woodbridge  703.878.5733