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What is a Hybrid Course?


  • Hybrid courses combine in-class and online instruction into a single course. Your hybrid course will typically meet half of the time in the classroom. The other half of the meeting time will take place online through a variety of different online activities.

How much work is a Hybrid Course?


  • You can expect to spend at least the same amount of time or more on a hybrid course as you would in a regular course. Hybrids are NOT half a course or condensed! They may be more time consuming, yet allow for more flexibility in your schedule.


  • Additionally, like any course you take, you will have the "usual" homework (that may or may not be online) in addition to the hybrid online work.
  • A typical 3 credit course includes about 10 hours per week of homework, preparation, etc., in addition to the regular meeting times.

What is a sample Hybrid schedule?

  • If a "regular" class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays, your hybrid course will only meet in class on the Tuesday OR the Thursday, not both days.
  • That missing classroom day will be substituted with online learning activities that require the same number of "contact hours" as the face-to-face class time that it is replacing.
  • Your instructor will give you details about your Hybrid course schedule on the first day of class.

What technologies will I need?

  • A reliable Internet connection is crucial. You will need to own or have reliable, daily access to a computer and the Web.
  • Knowledge of Blackboard is required. Additional online materials will vary depending on the discipline. Typical web based work will involve the Discussion Board, blogs, online lectures, exercises, simulations, interactive tutorials, etc. Web tools may include YouTube, Google docs, MERLOT, Facebook, iTunesU, etc.

How can I succeed in a Hybrid Course?

  • You should be comfortable using computers and the Internet.
  • You need excellent time management skills and self-motivation.
  • You need to be competent at keyboarding.
  • You need to read assignments and instructions very carefully.
  • You need to keep up with class reading and assignments.