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Student Success Story

Amy Zuaso

Amy ZuasoAs a first-generation American and the first in her family to attend college, Amy Zuaso, 22, of Woodbridge, achieved her dream of earning a bachelor’s degree by using Northern Virginia Community College’s Guaranteed Admissions program. She chose NOVA to stay close to home, save money and get one-on-one academic attention.

At NOVA, Zuaso qualified for financial aid, which covered her two years as a psychology major. To keep her grade-point average high, she worked closely with dedicated professors and tutors at the Woodbridge Campus. “I took advantage of all the resources NOVA had and because of that I was able to be successful there,” Zuaso said.

In 2010, she used guaranteed admissions to attend James Madison University. At JMU, Zuaso was accepted into a competitive scholarship program for minority students. Today, with no college loans, she’s at a financial advantage. “I could be $80,000 in debt right now and I’m not.”

Zuaso now works as a student services specialist at NOVA’s Woodbridge campus. As she applies to master’s degree programs, she encourages new NOVA students to speak with their advisors to help navigate college life. Zuaso said transferring directly into JMU’s psychology program was “simple” and “not stressful at all.”

When it comes to Guaranteed Admissions, Zuaso said that if students do the necessary work on their end, their university of choice will accept them.