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Developmental Math Program

What is NOVA's Developmental Math Program?

Motivating Academic Success Through Effective Redesign (MASTER) Math Courses, otherwise known as MTT courses, develop competency in the skills that are necessary to succeed in college-level mathematics courses. These courses offer personalized instruction allowing students to skip sections of material in which they can demonstrate competency and work toward mastery of the remaining material. Students work through a structured set of activities under the close guidance and support of an instructor and tutors. Students work on just the material they need to qualify for credit-level math courses, demonstrating mastery of each unit before progressing on to the next. The classes meet in both a computer classroom and in the campus MASTER Math Lab. Both locations use a combination of interactive computer software with personalized, on-demand assistance.

MASTER Math: Unit Descriptions

The material in MASTER Math is broken into 10 units. Students work on the units in which they have difficulties, depending on the credit math course needed for their program of study.

The units are:

  • Unit 0 - Operations With Whole Numbers
  • Unit 1 - Operations With Fractions
  • Unit 2 - Operations With Decimals and Percents
  • Unit 3 - Algebra Basics
  • Unit 4 - First Degree Equations and Inequalities in One Variable
  • Unit 5 - Linear Equations, Inequalities and Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables
  • Unit 6 - Exponents, Factoring and Polynomial Equations
  • Unit 7 - Rational Expressions and Equations
  • Unit 8 - Rational Exponents and Radicals
  • Unit 9 - Functions, Quadratic Equations and Parabolas

MASTER Math: Progression

MTT Progression

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MASTER Math: Course Descriptions

Which MTT course a student takes depends upon the number of units needed. The Virginia Placement Test (VPT) for mathematics is aligned with the MTT units.

Course NameStudents Who Take The Course
BSK 1: Whole Numbers Students who did not pass any units on the VPT and are starting in unit 0.
MTT 1: Developmental Mathematics (Technology-Based) I Students who are required to complete exactly one unit.
MTT 2: Developmental Mathematics (Technology-Based) II Students who are required to complete exactly two units.
MTT 3: Developmental Mathematics (Technology-Based) III Students who are required to complete exactly three units.
MTT 4: Developmental Mathematics (Technology-Based) IV Students who are required to complete four or more units.

If you need help determining which MASTER Math course you need, please contact Student Services or visit the Math Department on your campus.